5 Pieces Of Advice From Moms On Taking Care Of Your Sexual Health, Because It's Important

by Christy Piña

Moms are pretty darn great, wouldn't you agree? They know you better than anyone, love you like no other, and most of the time, they're willing to talk you through anything and everything, including sex. Talking to your mom about sex can feel awkward, sure, and it's pretty safe to say that no one wants their mom to know every detail of their sexcapades, but what is clear is that even though times have certainly changed from when your mom was your age, she's been there, done that. And most importantly, moms want their kids to be healthy. That's a given. This advice from moms on taking care of your sexual health can be incredibly helpful, and maybe even inspiring.

While you may think your mom could "never understand," the truth is, she probably really wants to. And she's likely someone who would be there for you with open ears and arms, no strings attached, ready to help however she can. When it comes to sexual health, saying it's important is an understatement. But when you're caught in the heat of the moment, or you're busy with work or school or life in general, it can be easy to forget to take care of your sexual health. No matter what, sexual health should be a priority. I spoke to five moms about their best advice when it comes to sexual health, and they didn't hold their words of wisdom back.

Your body is your temple.
"First of all, you're responsible for everything and anything that happens to your own body. Your body is your temple, and you have to take care of it. You have to go to your yearly exams. Take a mirror and look, you should know every part of your body. There’s nothing on your body that you should never have seen. You have to be aware of changes that are normal and not normal, and always seek medical advice when you need it. There are never dumb questions when it comes to sexual health and your body."

Wilma, 54

Choose wisely.
"I always have an open dialogue with my kids, so it wasn't a weird thing when they started having sex. One of the things I always told my daughter was, 'Please tell me when you’re sexually active, so you can take care of your sexual health.' We’re always going to tell them 'choose wisely' and 'everybody makes mistakes,' but, [really,] choose wisely because there are STDs out there that affect your future fertility."

Ana, 57

Check yourself.
"Go to the OB/GYN once a year minimum. Have protection. No one wants an STD. Always take care of your future self."

Lillie, 47

Check them, too.
"Make sure your partner is healthy. Listen to your body because it sends you signs you can't ignore."

Nirma, 56

"Respect yourself and each other. Respect is the most important thing. When there’s no respect, there’s nothing. There’s no love. The respect is the most important thing in any relationship."

Jackie, 56

If you and your mom have never had the kind of relationship where you feel comfortable talking about sex, you're definitely not alone. But the truth of the matter is, regardless of how awkward it may feel to bring up doing the deed with your mom, she's always going to have your best interests at heart. Despite how difficult it may be to bring up your sexual health, or even sex in general, to your mom, her advice may be beyond fulfilling. And you never know unless you try.