Snap These Iced Coffee Pictures This Summer For The Most Brew-tiful Feed

In the summertime, your social media accounts get an upgrade. Your feeds look more colorful, vibrant, and exciting, and your pictures are all edited with the latest preset packs from your favorite influencers. Your #content racks in the comments and likes regularly, because everybody wants to know where you've been traveling to or grabbed that amazing smoothie bowl. It's pretty safe to say that you post more, too — or at the very least have the phrase, "photo shoot" scribbled into your schedule on most weekends. I'm right there with you, and know that you need some inspiration for pictures to take with your iced coffee and creating a brew-tiful feed.

After all, you don't go many places without your cold brew. Whether you're traveling or at home, it's always in your hand, along with your camera and a napkin for when the outside of the cup starts to drip. It's the first thing that you think about in the morning, and what keeps you going throughout the day. It's the accessory that makes your outfits feel complete, and the prop that will forever have a place on your Instagram account. (Seriously, what would you do without it?)

Most importantly, your iced coffee is your greatest inspiration. You can always count on it to look photogenic, or be your muse. Occasionally, though, you do run out of ideas and need a little extra help. Don't worry! I have five picture ideas for your cold brew that you'll totally love.

The "Espresso Your Selfie" Shot
Jessica Lia/Stocksy

The first of these pictures is, what I like to call, the "espresso your selfie" shot. Essentially, it's all about being caffeinated, candid, and completely you. Do you think you can do that? I think so!

The key is to remember that, like your iced coffee order, you're unique. There's nobody else on the planet that's exactly like you, and that's something to celebrate on and off social media. There's nobody that has your smile, your laugh, or your golden heart. (Spoiler alert: There are people that have your love for coffee, though.)

So, capture that. Tell your bestie to keep taking photos, and post the one that's truly in the moment. You could be sipping your drink, or gazing longingly at ice swirling around in the caffeine. Either way, it'll be a bright and brew-tiful pic to add to your feed.

The "Cold Brew From Above" Shot
Gillian Vann/Stocksy

Let's be honest: It's really pleasing to look at your glass from the side, and watch the milk run into your coffee. The cream, sugar, and caramel swirls together like an art project, or galaxy that's filled with meteors and asteroids. But, next time you get an iced coffee, I double-dog dare you to appreciate it from above. Here's why.

The way the ice floats in your drink is mesmerizing. It's like a kaleidoscope, and makes for the perfect shot for your social media feeds. In the picture, you can also include the carefully-curated sandwich, seasonal salad, or sweet pastry you ordered on the side. (Personally, I love throwing a corner of the menu in the frame, so that my followers know where I'm eating at.)

The "Cheers To Iced Coffee" Shot
Treasures & Travels/Stocksy

You rarely get an iced coffee without your bestie by your side. It's a tradition that you two have started and continued over the years, and makes the experience much, well, sweeter.

Together, you walk into your favorite java spots and peruse the same 'ole menus. You say, "Maybe I'll try the iced matcha this time," before, once again, ordering an iced coffee with whipped cream on top. After grabbing your drinks, you slide into your favorite booth like the characters from Friends, and talk about the latest things going on in your lives.

At some point, you clink your plastic cups and say, "Cheers!" Capture that moment for your Instagram, OK? It'll remind your followers to celebrate everything, and simply enjoy life.

The "Iced Coffee By The Ocean" Shot

In the summer, you're always on the move. Sometimes, you're in the car, driving to the airport for a dreamy vacation or a weekend in another city with your besties. Other times, you're heading to the best small beach towns and cities, so that you can relax by the shore for the day.

Your iced coffee typically comes along for those kind of trips, and gets placed in a spot in the sand. The bottom of its cup gets a little dirty, but it doesn't mind. It makes your cold brew look outdoorsy and adventurous in all of your pictures.

You are getting a close-up of your caffeinated drink by the ocean, right? I sure hope so, because the lighting at the beach is some of the best you'll ever find. I hope you're grabbing a few snaps before the ice melts, and filling your camera roll with your colorful straw. *Nods in agreement.*

The "Casual And Caffeinated" Shot
Good Vibrations Images/Stocksy

Last but not least, you need to get the "casual and caffeinated" shot with your iced coffee this summer. Because, sometimes, you want to post pictures of your real life on Instagram — not just the ones from your travels, excursions, and all-time favorite moments.

So, how do you get it? It's actually pretty simple. Score this shot by giving your bestie your camera for the day. Let her take pictures when you're not looking, and capture the moments that could be captioned, "You just had to be there." Then, edit them with a vintage or film filter, so that they look even more candid.

Your followers will see this picture and think, "Wow, it looks so effortless and cool." It's true. I already know that you and your iced coffee bring out the best in each other, and will be looking brew-tiful on social media all summer long.