5 North West-Inspired Halloween Costumes You'll Slay In

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Curtis Means/ACE Pictures/Shutterstock
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There are a lot of stylish celeb offspring out there, but no one does it quite like North West, Kim and Kanye's daughter and a fashion icon in her own right. As the firstborn of a designer and many a designer's muse, Northie has grown up surrounded by the world of fashion, and as a result, her personal style is on point. It's no wonder there are so many North West-inspired Halloween 2019 costumes to consider this year — our girl has really been expressing herself through her look this year, and she's slayed more outfits at age six than most of us have in our entire lives. Periodt!

North West's biggest supporter is her mama, Kim Kardashian West, who regularly shows off her daughter's styling genius on the 'Gram, often raving about the looks she creates. "My Northie girl is the ultimate fashionista! She comes with me to fabric stores and picks out what she likes and for our Japan trip I let her style herself," Kardashian captioned a carousel post of North's best looks. "I should have let her style me too lol. She loves it. She’s having fun and I am so happy she’s so expressive," the caption continued. If you're equally as impressed and want to channel North for Halloween this year, read on for a peek at how to recreate some of her most memorable looks.

Hot Pink Snakeskin

I know they're Kim's boots, but real talk, North was born to wear these babies! Swipe through the carousel to see the most iconic tantrum in fashion history — North had every right to stand her ground and refuse to remove her fab footwear! To copy her look and pay homage to the all-pink perfection, pair the Fashion Nova Slide Into My Life Snake Print Dress in Neon Pink ($25, with the Public Desire Nicole Pink Snakeskin Slouch Knee High Boots ($68, This is 100% my costume this year, but I'll allow you to copy me copying North, just this once.

Lean, Mean, Lime Green Machine

Curtis Means/ACE Pictures/Shutterstock

Northie loves lime green — in fact, I'd argue it's her signature shade. When rocking the bold hue, North always goes for a head-to-toe look, so pretty much any lime green fit in your closet will instantly serve North West vibes.

If your friends have a cute 'fit, too, bring them along. The more lime, the merrier!

North especially loves lime green on high-collared silhouettes, as evidenced by the papparazzi pic mentioned earlier, as well as her two-piece set below:

I can totally see North rocking the Lime Zip Front Side Stripe Bodycon Dress ($28,, so if you don't already own something lime green, add it to your online shopping cart ASAP. If you want to channel that paparazzi shot, in which North is rocking statement shades with lime green rims, complete your costume with the ASOS Design Flat Top Visor Fashion Glasses ($9, originally $23, Voila!

Sassy Fendi Sweatsuit


Since not all of us have that Fendi schmoney, this look is slightly more difficult to duplicate, but fear not! All you need to to is get a standard red tracksuit, like the Adidas Firebird Track Jacket ($80, and Firebird Track Pants ($70,, and use a sharpie to draw black Fendi Fs down a strip of brown packing tape, which you can then tape on to cover up the Adidas stripes. Boom! Instant designer flex. Fair warning, though — if you don't channel North West's sass, you'll run the risk of being mistaken for Coach Sue from Glee, and that's not the look you're going for here:

Bonus points if you have a tall, strong friend to dress up as Corey Gamble and carry you around all night while you throw a tantrum. Iconic:


Baby Ballerinas


This is perhaps the most iconic North West costume of all, although the six-year-old has rocked many a fab 'fit since her baby days. The fact that she's rocking a baby Balmain blazer, the adult version of which sells for over $2,000, is honestly everything and more. NBD.

If you and a friend want to be Northie and P, tutus are the move:


The Lioness Palermo Blazer ($88, costs a lot less than the Balmain version, and paired with a Layered Tulle Tutu Skirt ($13, from Amazon, the look is complete. Plus, chances are you'll totally want to rewear that blazer again IRL, so it's a great purchase.

Twinning With Jojo

The highlight of my 2019 was North West meeting her idol, Jojo Siwa. Jojo is known for all things rainbow, glitter, and bows, so North really dressed the part for their meeting, and it's certainly a look worth remembering. Have your BFF dress up as Jojo while you throw on the Girstunm Bubble Tutu Dance Half Slip Skirt ($20, (Another Amazon tutu! Who would've thought?) and the Jojo Siwa Large Forever Fantasy Signature Hair Bow ($11, originally $15, With that, the look is complete.

Can't decide on which version of North West to be? Grab four friends and do them all! Bonus points if another friend dresses as Kim and chases you around/Instagrams you all night.

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