5 Mantras To Recite After Defining The Relationship That Celebrate Your New Bond

Defining a relationship is exciting. Take a moment to see all the steps that you took along the way to get to this point, because there are a lot! Even when the feeling is right, there are still hella variables at play. That can make any person nervous, because vulnerability is all about taking the risk of being open with the potential of getting hurt. But in the end, it can be really worth it. If you're overwhelmed by all the feelings that come with the feelings surrounding a new relationship, here are some super helpful mantras to recite after defining the relationship.

According to Aimee Hughes, at DoYouYoga, mantras are an essential part of meditative practices because they can help drive home helpful truths that can reduce anxiety. Life is hard, and there are a ton of variables to take into account every step of the way. When you get into a new relationship, there might be a part of you that's concerned with the "what if's" of the new bond. Although the future matters, there's a lot to be said about taking it slow and appreciating the present. "A mantra is a tool for the mind, and it allows our awareness to more easily turn inward," says Hughes.

Mantras are a powerful way to quiet those nagging voices in your mind, so consider the following phrases as you adjust to this wonderful new aspect of your life.

I am worthy of good things.

You are worthy of good things. It's a simple sentiment, but believing it can be a challenge at times. There can be a lot of areas of your life or even other people, that can make you doubt this fact. But if you repeat this to yourself regularly, it could really help you believe it.

This is especially helpful when falling in love with someone because at times it can feel too good to be true. Instead of trying to find something to prove that this isn't as good as it seems, consider that you really are worthy of the best imaginable love out there.

The future doesn't have to ruin the present

The future has a lot of variables, but you don't have to let that ruin what is going well in your relationship right now. At the start of a new relationship, try to focus on the things that are amazing and make you feel all those lovely butterflies. You can have fears and concerns about the future without letting them ruin the good things happening now. Remember that you can cross the tough bridges when you come to them, and enjoy your relationship where it is right now.

I have so much to offer the people I love.

Sometimes when you enter a new relationship, you can feel so overwhelmed with appreciation for your crush that it can make you nervous about what you have to offer. Just remember that you have so much to offer in a relationship, and your partner likely feels similarly about you. The reason that the two of you work is because you have so much to offer each other. This mantra can help you keep that in mind.

I am allowed to believe things will work out.

There can be a lot of pressure on a new relationship and how it may pan out. You don't have to think too hard about the specifics when it comes to this. Simply trust in the goodness of what you currently have. Optimism can be really helpful in times of uncertainty. This mantra can help remind you that you're allowed to believe in the possibility of what you want.

It's amazing that you've taken such a vulnerable step with someone you care about. This is such an exhilarating stage of a relationship, when you are affirmed by your affection for each other while also learning more about one another every day. Take the time to notice the small things about this person that has come into your life and soak them up. You so are worthy of this new bond, and hopefully, these mantras continually remind you of that.