4 Mantras To Recite After An Amazing Date That’ll Keep The Good Energy Flowing

By now, most of us could probably spend hours lamenting all the unbelievably mediocre dates we've had. Dazzlingly romantic evenings aren't nearly as common, but TBH, that's part of the reason they feel so special when they do happen. If you're still on cloud nine from an epic date and feel like you're going to explode from the excitement, most importantly: Soak it up! But in the early stages of a new romance, it's also important to stay grounded long enough to feel confident that things will continue to move in a good direction. Empowering mantras to recite after an amazing date are a perfect opportunity to enjoy the positive emotions you're feeling, while also remaining mindful that things don't always work out perfectly.

Remaining balanced, even in the wake of an exciting new romance, also shows the person you're interested in that you've got the maturity and wisdom to know the future can be unpredictable — and regardless of how things turn out, you're going to keep living your truth. So, before you call all your besties to spill the tea about every last detail of your unforgettable evening, here are some mantras you can repeat out loud to stay centered.

Good things come to those who wait.

After meeting someone who really sets you on fire, it's so easy to want to rush things. Unfortunately, no matter how subtle we think we're being, the drive to lock down a relationship prematurely can almost always be felt by the other person. Being patient, especially in the beginning, can set the stage for the electricity to keep flowing without putting pressure on the situation.

No matter what, I am worthy of love.

Although there's absolutely no need to psych yourself out or assume the worst, the truth is that if things do take a downward turn, you will still be OK! It can be helpful to remind yourself that no matter what, you are perfectly lovable exactly as you are. If this person doesn't recognize that, someone just as amazing (if not more so) certainly will.

If it's meant to be, it will be.

Regardless of what ideology you subscribe to, trusting in yourself and in the natural progression of things can be so liberating. How many times have we all looked back on situations and felt grateful that they actually didn't work out how we wanted them to at the time? Sometimes what's meant for us simply isn't what we think we want at any given moment.

I am ready for what the universe has in store for me.

That's right, the universe has been around for an unfathomably long time! So, why not trust that as long as you keep doing you, you'll continue to access the abundance of joy and possibilities that are swirling around all of us? Realizing that we are all on our own unique paths and will continue to meet exciting people and romantic prospects can be a really comforting way to approach a new romance.

Even though amazing dates might not happen as often as we'd all like, the most important thing is that you let yourself savor all the wonderful feels. And remember: Whether you end up being soulmates are two passing ships, you'll be exactly where you need to be in the end.