5 Long-Distance Valentine's Day Date Ideas That Will Make Your Celebration So Romantic

When you're in a long-distance relationship, coming up with ways to celebrate Valentine's Day apart can definitely be a struggle. And let's be honest: The fact that you and your SO won't be together is likely going to be a bummer. Fortunately, there are actually a ton of romantic ways you can keep one another from sinking into a Valentine's Day blues. Figuring out some long-distance Valentine's Day 2019 date ideas that will ensure you and bae still have a good day might seem like a tall order, but with a little planning, it's totally doable.

Regardless of your stance on how important (or unimportant) it is to celebrate V-day, when you're in a LDR, it can be vital to utilize every possible opportunity to connect with your SO. As someone who's experienced the emotionally draining nature of a LDR, I can certainly attest to the difficulty of spending most of your time without bae. That's why taking holidays like V-day seriously and making the most of them can be a surprisingly effective way to keep you both feeling positive and optimistic about the relationship and its future. So, here are some V-day celebration ideas that are fun and romantic.

Exchange care packages.

There's just something so sweet about sending each other a box full of fun surprises. The contents of the package can include their favorite homemade baked goods, a flash-drive with some new playlists, candy, love letters, poems, a box of compliments or anything else that would put a smile on their face.

Have a romantic dinner via video chat.

If capturing the traditional date night experience is important to you, then planning a romantic dinner on video chat is a great way to channel the romantic vibes. The cool thing about having dinner together is that you won't feel like you're missing out on that quintessential lovey-dovey bonding time.

Send them flowers, chocolate, or their favorite meal.

For couples who are cool with something a bit more relaxed, sending flowers, chocolate, or just about anything else they're into is a low-key way to let them know you care without going over the top. You could even order their favorite delivery meal and have it sent to their house.

Plan a scavenger hunt.

Encouraging your partner to go on a fun adventure planned by you is a solid idea for couples who aren't afraid to do some more detailed planning. You can send text clues throughout the day, guiding them to meaningful locations. If you need help arranging physical clues, enlist one of their friends to take care of small details that might need to be handled in person. Or, a simpler option would be to order a box of cupcakes or another favorite sweet treat from their local bakery and have them swing by and pick them up!

Plan a reunion trip while having a romantic date night.

If you're planning on seeing each other sometime soon, then planning your next trip in detail is another satisfying way to spend the evening. Instead of visiting each other in the cities you live in, why not meet somewhere new for the both of you? You can video chat, drink some wine, and use a shared Google document to map everything out.

Even though not being in the same location as the person you love on Valentine's Day can be a little sad, that doesn't mean you can't share a romantic night. Based on what aspects of the holiday are most important to you and bae, brainstorming some ideas early will ensure you'll both make a sweet memory.