5 Kim Kardashian Halloween Costume Ideas That'll Make You Feel Fierce

Roy Rochlin/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Kim Kardashian is one of Halloween's costume queens. She dresses up in a killer look (read: looks) every year. I still can't get over her amazing skeleton costume from 2014 or the super sexy Princess Jasmine from 2009. The girl really does go all out every year. However, if you really think about it, Kim Kardashian plays dress up all year-round. Her everyday looks are super dynamic. One day she's wearing a long green wig and a matching bodysuit and the next day she's rocking platinum blonde tresses and orange makeup. Basically, her 'Gram is full of Halloween inspo and I've pooled together some of her most iconic looks from the past year to make your life just a little bit easier this coming Halloween. So, here are Kim Kardashian 2019 Halloween costume ideas that'll have you lookin' bomb dot com (do people still say that?) on Oct. 31.

1. KKW Fragrance Kim

On Aug. 19, Kardashian announced the launch of her new KKW Fragrances in collaboration with her sister Kylie Jenner. In the promo posted on Instagram, the sisters' wore the most unusual ensembles: one-legged onesies. Commentary surrounding the sisters' outfits filled the comments section, which makes me think this is a memorable costume y'all. Plus, it's super easy to pull off.

First, you'll need to get a teal-gray unitard and simply cut one leg off. I advise leaving enough room to hot glue the inner seam on the inside of the jumpsuit. This will keep it from threading. You can grab the unitard on Amazon.

Then, grab some bright pink eyeshadow (or maybe even lipstick because it's more pigmented) and smear it along the sides of your eyes and cheeks in a Euphoria-esque fashion. If you are totally committed to all things Kardashian, you can grab her KKW Pink Crème Lipstick in "Pink 8-Hot Pink" for the look.

2. SKIMS Kim

Kardashian recently released her own shapewear line and it's all she's been promoting on the 'Gram these days. This makes "SKIMS Kim" a perfect and timely Halloween costume.

SKIMS is quite unique in that it features solution shorts specially designed for thigh-high slit dresses, so all you need is a one-legged unitard that screams "SKIMS!" You can grab the solution shorts for $42 below.

You'll also need a matching top. Here's the Scoop Neck option.

There's also the DIY version which will save you some cash. Pick up a shorts unitard and snip one leg off.

3. Versace Show Kim Kardashian

This look is so glam and the best part is you can totally wear it after Halloween. Like, even on New Year's Eve.

All you really need is a sparkly cowl-neck mini dress, like the one below from Pretty Little Thing. I know its $70, but seeing it can be used for more than one occasion I think it's worth the money.

You'll need to finish off "Versace Fashion Show Kim" with a matching sparkly ponytail cuff. This cute one at Amazon is only $9 and you'll be able to use it after Halloween. Major win.

4. Pink Power Ranger Kim

Get ready to live out your cosplay dreams and dress as the pink ranger, but Kim Kardashian-style.

Get your hands on a pink unitard from and simply match it with a pair of thigh-high boots and visor sunglasses.

Sunglasses are essential to this ensemble because they are meant to resemble a power ranger's helmet, so don't skip on it fam. Similar sunnies are on PrettyLittleThing for $22.

When it comes to the boots, I have two options for you. You can buy these boots for $70 from Shop Akira.

Or, you can put your crafting skills to work and DIY a pair. First, grab an old set from your closet or salvage a pair from the thrift store and then invest in some spray paint. I suggest spraying the boots in a coat of white paint before following with hot pink. This will make the color really pop. Nab a few cheap cans of paint on Amazon.

5. Lawyer Kim

Whether you love or hate the fact that Kim Kardashian is working on her legal career, there's no denying that she slayed her outfit at the White House while promoting the First Step Act. Lucky for you, it doesn't take much to pull off this iconic ensemble that you can wear after Halloween.

First, get a short black bob wig. Like everything else, you can "snatch" it up on Amazon.

Next, you'll need an oversize suit, which you can obtain by: 1) asking your parent, partner, sibling, or friend to borrow theirs, 2) going to a thrift store, or 3) buying one. You can get an oversize blazer from Forever21 for pretty cheap.

I suggest pairing it with a pair of slacks that aren't fitted, like this pair on Amazon.

There you have it. Now head to that costume party and show everyone how testi-fine you are. Happy Halloween!