Wow, Urban Outfitters Has So Many Good Costumes In Their Online Halloween Shop

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I always make a pit-stop at my local Urban for some Halloween goodies, be it an accessory found in the sale section that compliments my costume, a bevy of glittery makeup to finish off my glam, or a Halloween-themed tee, in the event that I'm not wearing a costume at all. This year, though, the retailer will be selling actual costumes, and these 5 Halloween 2019 costumes at Urban Outfitters are all giving me ~ideas~, people. The shop's Halloween lineup is small but mighty, and in addition to some classics (Think: '80s yoga babe, red devil.), they've got some looks I never saw coming (Ahem, wacky inflatable tube man, corgi jumpsuit!) that I might just have to buy.

Don't worry, their online Halloween Shop still has tons of tees, makeup, wigs, et cetera, but this year, I'm prioritizing my actual costume above everything else. Accessories come second, people! And after that, costumes for my dog, because the shop has a lot of those, too. Love that. Still, I digress: Read on for five of my faves from the human section.

Getting Physical

Urban Outfitters

Because I'm too lazy to piece together my own '80s yoga babe lewk, the Retro Wrestler Bodysuit Halloween Costume ($79, is an easy Yes for me. I love, love, love the purple and silver color combo, and getting the bra, leggings, and singlet all at once makes things so much easier. Want to change it up for a second Halloween party? Rock the same costume with galactic eye makeup and alien antennas on Night 2 for an entirely different vibe.

Red Hot

Urban Outfitters

OK, OK, I know there's nothing all that ~special~ about being a devil for Halloween, but the Little Devil Bodysuit Halloween Costume ($99, is so freaking cute, I can't stand it! I've done a red crop top or a red dress in the past, but a full-on sparkly red jumpsuit? This really takes the cake as far as devil costumes go. Plus, you can totally caption your Instagram with lyrics from Ari, Lana, and Miley's new song, "Don't Call Me Angel." You're welcome for that great idea.

This baby doesn't actually come with all the devilish accoutrements, FYI, but UO do sell a separate Glitter Devil Halloween Costume Accessory Kit ($8, that should do the trick:

Wave 'Em Like You Just Don't Care

Urban Outfitters

Am I really about to buy this Wacky Wavy Tube Guy Costume ($69, in all three colors for my friends and I? The answer, I'm afraid to say, is yes. Available in red, blue, and green, this one-piece costume is an iconic moment waiting to happen. There's even a battery-powered blower fan inside — BYOB (Bring Your Own Batteries) for this one.

Slave 4 U

Urban Outfitters

I did a double take when I saw UO's Pop Diva Halloween Costume ($99,, because girllll, did Britney approve this? Obviously, they can't call it the Britney Spears costume, but if you're looking for a fit to channel her 2001 MTV Video Music Awards performance of "Slave 4 U," then you're in luck, because the look is almost exact.

Snake not included, but please! Use a fake one!

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Cuddly Corgi

Urban Outfitters

Last but not least, the coziest costume in the lineup, the Kigurumi Corgi Costume ($79, I'd wear this trick-or-treating, out at a costume party, or home staying in for the night to hand out candy and watch a scary movie. It looks so darn comfortable! Sometimes, a onesie can feel like a copout because it needs no accessories glam to complete the look, but anyone who critiques a corgi costume is just jealous. Sorry I'm cozy, haters!

See? Is the UO Halloween Shop not major? Check out their full selection on the retailer's website right for more spooky vibes and cute costumes.

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