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These VSCO Girl Halloween Costumes Will Have You California Dreamin'

by Daffany Chan

In the weeks leading up to Halloween, I'm always torn about what I should dress up as. There are always the classic but safe options I fall back on, like being a witch or a ghost. But let's face it: Sometimes it's fun to spice things up. If you're up-to-date on the latest trends, you've probably heard about VSCO girls, the fashion look that's taking social media by storm. It's the perfect Halloween costume because you can easily craft the VSCO girl aesthetic by collecting a few wardrobe staples. These VSCO girl costumes for Halloween 2019 are an effortless way to dress up for fall's most festive holiday.

The VSCO girl look is a fashion subculture that has distinct comfortable and breezy California style. VSCO girls post pictures on the photo editing app VSCO, which has numerous filters that are popular with the social media users. To become a VSCO girl, you can achieve the look with specific accessories and a well-timed "and I oop!" Investing in a few (or all) of these products is essential to fully pulling off the aesthetic. Here are a few looks that will get you Halloween-ready in no time.

You can draw your costume inspiration from none other than pop star Ariana Grande, who put her own twist on the VSCO girl trend in this selfie.

Crocs Classic Clog

To pull off Grande's look, you'll want to get White Crocs, which are a staple of VSCO girls. Make sure to pair them with socks inside, because that's the true VSCO girl way.

If you happen to have some Birkenstocks or Vans on hand, you can also swap out your Crocs for the other VSCO girl shoe options.

This VSCO girl look is fierce and easily achievable. The main fixture of the outfit is the Hydro Flask with stickers, which a cool VSCO girl is never without.

Hydro Flask

The Hydroflask can be purchased in various colors, and it's the ideal base for decorating with tons of stickers so you can achieve the VSCO girl water bottle aesthetic.

Puka Shell Necklace

Take it way back to the '90s with a puka shell necklace to really nail the VSCO girl vibe.


Instantly upgrade your VSCO girl look by wearing a scrunchie on your wrist, which will inspire the 90's vibe that the aesthetic gives off.

The scrunchie can be paired with colorful friendship bracelets on the wrist to create a colorful and vibrant combination.

Oversized Tee

You'll want to don a vintage looking oversized t-shirt to get the effortless and natural look that's reminiscent of a California beach girl.

Good places to search for these are VSCO girl-approved stores like Brandy Melville and Urban Outfitters, which have plenty of graphic tee's available.

Fjallraven Backpack

To complete the VSCO girl look, you'll need a Fjallraven Classic Kanken Backpack. It's stylish yet practical, since it you'll be able to carry plenty of candy in it on Halloween.

The Fjallraven Kranken Bag comes in a wide variety of different colors, so choose the shade that fits best with your overall VSCO girl look.

Thankfully, the VSCO girl look is pretty much makeup-free, so you can just top it off with some chapstick or lipgloss, and call it a day.

With the right clothes and accessories, achieving a VSCO girl look for Halloween isn't that difficult. Plus, there are so many photos on social media you can look through for inspiration since just about every trendy influencer is donning the look these days. Whether you go for one of the looks you see online or customize your own get-up, the VSCO girl costume is so effortless and comfortable that it's a Halloween costume you won't want to take off. You'll be so excited that you won't be able to help from saying "sksksksksk."