Millennials At The Gym Can Relate To These 5 Hilarious Struggles On The Reg


Like many millennials, I have a love-hate relationship with the gym. I love going to yoga and spin classes, because they are really therapeutic and rewarding for me. I don't mind trying out the different machines when I have a fitness-loving friend or trainer with me who knows how to operate them. But, I'd be lying if I said I don't workout sometimes purely for the post-workout smoothie — because I do. In fact, I go through a lot of the gym struggles millennials face that'll make you laugh and say, "same."

I know what it's like to have to motivate yourself to hit up the gym, when all you really want to do is catch up on the latest season of Queer Eye or head to happy hour with coworkers. I know what it's like to text your roommates, asking if anybody wants to try out a new spin class, and to get the response, "No, thanks." Most importantly, I know what it's like to want all the cute outfits for the gym and realize that you should probably pay for rent instead.

In a dream world, you would own all the sports bras and floral leggings that your favorite influencers talk about on Instagram. You would go to the gym after work, and all the machines would be free and available for use. That's just not the case, yet, so you're learning to laugh at these five struggles.

When You Want To Wear A Cute Outfit To The Gym
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First things first: One of the biggest struggles you face happens before you even get to the gym. It's the process of picking out a cute outfit to wear — something that may be fashion-forward, comfortable, and covered in a palm tree print.

You start by standing in front of your closet and announcing to your roommates, "I have nothing to wear." They all come rushing in with things you can borrow, including accessories like headbands and hair ties. Soon enough, there are sports bras, leggings, and tank tops spread out, well, everywhere.

The next half hour or so is spent mixing and matching different looks, and finding one that feels best. Eventually, you throw on your sneakers, grab your car keys, and head out the door. Can you still make it to that spin class on-time? Maybe!

When You Want To Work Out With A Buddy
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In my personal opinion, working out is always more fun with a buddy. This could be your best friend, your mom, or your work wife who wants to go to a yoga class after a very stressful Monday. They just make the overall experience more enjoyable, and push you to be your best self.

They might encourage you to hold that plank for an extra 30 seconds, or to take a break and stretch after doing cardio. They spot you when you're lifting weights, and help you balance when you're learning a new yoga pose.

The struggle, though, is when no one is around to go to the gym with you. They're working late or taking an off-day, so you have to warm-up by yourself. You send a few, "Wish you were here," texts in the group chat, hoping that changes someone's mind.

When Your Go-To Machines And Weights Are Taken
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Being a millennial means you're likely a part of the "real world" now. You have a morning commute, a nine to five job, and a bunch of apps that are good for adulting on your phone. You also know the struggle of when your go-to machines and weights at the gym are taken.

Here's the situation: After work, you run to your car, grab your workout bag, and go to the gym. You change in the locker room, put in your headphones, and look for a spot in front of the mirror to do some lifting.

But, you can never seem to find a spot, because everybody on the planet has the same routine. They've claimed all the mats and benches, so you have to do cardio instead. After a couple of laps around the gym, you realize that there aren't any ellipticals available, either. What gives?

When You Left Your Headphones At Home
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I don't think I'm exaggerating when I say, forgetting your headphones for the gym is the worst. In fact, it might be more terrible than all of the struggles you face, combined. Can you agree? Of course!

You know the feeling of leaving your headphones at home all too well. In that moment, your heart drops a little bit, and you start asking yourself questions like, "Should I just go home?" and "What am I going to listen to?"

You realize that you can't listen to your carefully-curated playlists that are filled with Beyoncé and the latest pop songs from Ariana Grande. Even the podcast episodes that you wanted to catch up on are no longer an option. The struggle is real, and you laugh a little because you know exactly where your headphones are.

When You Really Just Want Your Post-Workout Smoothie ASAP

Last but not least, going to the gym often leads to smoothies. It leads to chopping up a bunch of fresh fruit like strawberries, blueberries, and bananas, and throwing them in a blender. It also leads to some really good snacks — aka celery with peanut butter on top or avocado toast. Yum!

So, it's a struggle when you're in the middle of your workout and all you can think about is that delicious smoothie. Your stomach growls while you're on the treadmill, or you start gazing at the smoothie bar that's downstairs while you're doing push-ups.

You think to yourself, "Can we just skip ahead?" and do a few more reps before running over for your usual raspberry and protein-infused drink. Nothing motivates you like your post-workout routine — am I right?