5 Disney Costumes For Your Cat That Will Be Un-Fur-Gettable

It's "a tale as old as time." You're trying to find a Halloween costume for your cat, and the possibilities may have you feeling a bit overwhelmed. When your furry friend looks fabulous in literally everything, it's hard narrowing down your options to just one costume for Oct. 31. That's why I'm here to tell you going the Disney route is always a classic idea. Check out this list of Disney costumes for your cat; they won't disappoint.

My cat is game to look a little silly for the 'Gram on Halloween as long as I have a few catnip treats waiting for her. Since I consider myself a major Disney fanatic, our Halloween costumes have always been on theme. One year, I went as Mr. Smee and she went as Captain Hook. (I must say, I think we totally nailed it.)

This Halloween, you may have plans to head to a chill get-together with your friends and their cats. You may also want to stay home and watch Hocus Pocus with your kitten, all curled up on the couch. Even if you're not going to a party, that doesn't mean you can't get all dressed up in your Halloween best.

For a magical look, choose from any of these five Disney cat costumes for your best fluffy friend. Don't forget to caption your Instagram post with, "Happy Meowoween," because you know you have to document it on the 'Gram.

You'll Want To Sea Your Cat In This Ariel Costume

I don't know about you, but the red hair wig is what's winning me over with this adorable Ariel look. I don't know how long your cat will want to rock it, but hopefully it's just enough time to snap a pic or two.

Your Cat Will Look Like A Princess In This Belle Costume

With all the cuddles and treats you give your cat, they're already royalty in your eyes. Solidify the princess vibes by dressing your cat up in this Belle costume.

You'll Have All The Feels When You See Your Cat Dressed As A Lion

I'm getting all the feels just looking at this adorable cat dressed up in a lion's mane. If you've been a Lion King fan since day one, you can't deny this lion costume is an epic idea. No more stress thinking of a costume for your cat, because it's hakuna matata from here on out with this mane.

Your Cat Will Be The Cutest Monster Around In This Cozy Costume

Boo already thought Sully looked like a kitty in Monsters, Inc., so its not a stretch for your cat to go as him for Halloween (which is exactly what this costume looks like). Not only is this jumpsuit super adorable, but it looks really soft and cozy for your fur baby. You can dress up as Boo for a cute costume collab, and caption your selfie together with, "KITTY!"

It's A Pirate's Life With This Cat Costume

*Yo ho, yo ho, it's a pirate's life* for any kitty who's wearing this costume. If Pirates of the Caribbean is your fave ride at Disney, this might be the Halloween costume for your cat. I'm getting strong Captain Jack Sparrow vibes from this fur baby, except instead of wondering where the rum went, your cat will obviously be wondering where the treats are at the pawty.