5 Dating Behaviors That Mean Someone Is Open To Falling In Love

Falling in love is an unpredictable, thrilling, sometimes terrifying experience. You can’t force it, anticipate it, or control it — but when it happens, there’s no doubt you’ll know. That said, you have to be open to the possibility for love to bloom. Wondering whether your partner’s heart has some space for you? Then you might want to look out for the specific dating behaviors that mean someone is open to falling in love.

There are a multitude of reasons why someone may not be open to the prospect. For example, if someone is still healing from heartbreak that happened at the end of their last relationship, they may not be ready to fall in love again. Or they may struggle with trust issues — and of course, love cannot grow or thrive without a foundation of trust. Knowing whether or not bae is open to falling in love can help you to determine whether you’re both able to invest equally in the relationship.

“If you are at the point in your life where you are ready to settle down and be in love, you’ll need to know if you and the person you are currently interested in are on the same page,” Maria Sullivan, dating expert and vice president of, tells Elite Daily.

Fortunately, these dating behaviors can provide some strong clues that your SO is ready and willing to fall head over heels.

They Schedule Future Plans Without Hesitation
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If someone’s not sure they’re able to give their heart to you, they likely won’t talk about spending Thanksgiving together or traveling to Capri with you next summer. According to Fran Greene, licensed clinical social worker and author of The Secret Rules of Flirting, if they seem comfortable discussing plans for next month or next year, that’s a strong indicator that love is in the air.

“Additionally, if your date periodically refers to the two of you as ‘we,’ that’s a positive sign of being open to falling in love,” Greene says.

This kind of behavior demonstrates that not only do they see a future with you, but they already see you as a team.

They Include You In Their Social Life

When your boo has an office holiday party, you’re automatically their plus one. When their best friend hosts an end-of-summer barbecue, you’re obviously invited along. According to Sullivan, if your SO is starting to include you in all aspects of their life, that’s a good sign they’re open to falling for you.

“If someone you have been dating invites you to a family gathering, such as a wedding or a birthday party, this shows that they are interested in introducing you to the people they care about the most,” she adds.

Greene adds that when your partner makes sure you meet the people who are special to them, whether it's their friends, family, or coworkers, that suggests that they want you to be a part of their inner circle. And when someone opens up their life to you, they’re usually opening up their heart, too.

Whether It's Good News Or Bad News, You're The First Person They Tell
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When bae lands that promotion or gets in a feud with their brother, are you the first person they reach out to? Greene points out that this is super telling. It shows that you’re their top priority in terms of sharing the most significant events in their life.

Not only that, but it also suggests that they’re dedicated to becoming even closer to you. By letting you in on the best and worst moments, they allow you to share in their excitement, grief, and everything in between. They’re allowing themselves to be vulnerable with you, and when someone lets their guard down, that’s when they’re fully able to fall.

They Make Small Sacrifices

Take note if your partner seems cool with putting you first on occasion. According to Greene, that suggests they are on the road to falling for you.

“For example, if you are not feeling well, they will forgo going to an event to be with you,” she says. Or if they want pasta, they’ll go for sushi because that’s what you’re craving.”

Sullivan adds that if they sometimes turn down plans with their friends to hang out with you, that small sacrifice may mean they’re open to falling in love, as well.

“Chances are if you are casually dating, your partner will choose to hang out only when it is convenient for them,” she explains. “If you notice your partner start to spend more time with you, even if their friends were another option, it’s a sign they are open to something more serious.”

They're Not Afraid To Text First
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Another thing to pay attention to is whether your boo is proactive in communication. Do they text you first, make an effort to keep the conversation alive, and schedule plans to see you? If so, Sullivan says that shows they’re ready to let themselves fall.

“By taking the initiative required to keep communication flowing, your casual date is showing you that they are interested in potentially seeing something more than what the relationship already is,” she explains.

For the record, if your SO isn’t exhibiting all of these behaviors, that doesn’t mean they’re not ready for love.

Just because someone isn’t showing these signs right away does not mean they are completely closed off to the thought of falling in love,” explains Sullivan. “Some people need a little more time to warm up and really envision future with someone. In a situation like this, it might be time to talk to them and see where they stand in the relationship.”

Ultimately, Greene says the best way to assess the status of their heart is to think about how you feel when you’re together.

“Ask yourself: Do you feel like number one? Does your date block out the rest of the world when you are together? Can the two of you do nothing together and still love being together? If falling in love and having a future together is your dream, make sure that you pay attention to these signs,” she adds.

Most importantly, remember that just because someone isn’t ready to fall right this minute doesn’t mean they won’t be eventually. As long as you’re transparent with each other about your hopes for the future and patient with each other’s hearts, love will blossom on its own timeline.