5 Date Ideas For Film Lovers That Are So Romantic, You’ll Feel Like You’re In A Movie

Coming up with date ideas that don't involve dinner or a movie can sometimes feel like quite the challenge. Fortunately, film enthusiasts would probably love nothing more than to cuddle up next to bae and watch a good movie. But if you're looking for date ideas for film lovers that go beyond Netflix and chill, the following are all great excuses to enjoy some time with your SO, while also satisfying your love of all things cinematic.

Seriously, I've never met a single person who doesn't like watching movies — and with the never-ending variety and unique approaches to story-telling, film is a medium that really does have something for just about everyone. Although watching a movie in and of itself doesn't present many opportunities to engage in conversation, it does present a great prompt for some interesting post-movie convos. When planning a date for someone who loves all things film, especially with someone new, it's always a good idea to plan to do something else afterward (i.e., grab some food, drinks, or even just go on a walk) if movie-watching is in fact on the agenda. This way you have plenty of time to exchange ideas, theories, and anything else you may have liked or disliked about it. So, if you (or your date) is a film nerd, here are some date ideas that are sure to hit the spot.

Watch a film about the universe at a planetarium.

If going to a normal theatre and watching a blockbuster is starting to feel a bit tired, don't worry — there are plenty of other options. If you live in a major city, chances are you've got a planetarium, and almost all of them have movie showings. Even if outer space isn't you're favorite topic, the graphics and info can be pretty mind-blowing.

Plan a candlelit movie trivia night.

Sometimes, even when you really want to have a date night, the thought of leaving the couch is just too much to bear. For times like this, cracking open a bottle of vino and playing some movie trivia is a perfect way to have a romantic evening in. Order some food, light some candles and you're good to go.

Take a tour of a film studio lot.

If you live in Los Angeles, then you have multiple film studio tours to choose from. If not, then it might take some research to locate a studio lot in your area. Even if it's a few hours away, this could be a fun opportunity to plan a weekend road trip together, or even just a day trip.

Visit a drive-in cinema.

Drive-in movies are a perfect, low-pressure way to mix up a dinner-and-a-movie date. There's just something exciting and special about getting to kick back in a car and munch on all your favorite snacks. Plus, if the movie sucks, you can try stealthily hooking up (like, really stealthily), so there's that.

See a foreign film.

Different cultures often have different approaches to filmmaking, which can make foreign films the perfect breath of fresh air for movie lovers. Some cities have theaters specifically dedicated to foreign films, and sometimes you have to go on the hunt for a particular film of interest. Either way, it's almost always worth the effort.

If you want to reinvigorate your dating routine, getting creative can set the stage for some serious romance. Plus, movies are just another way to bond with bae. Even if you aren't into the same genre, taking turns choosing what to watch is part of the fun.