5 Creative Second Anniversary Date Ideas That Will Totally Impress Your Partner

There's a good chance you remember your first anniversary with your partner, from what you did to celebrate to how emotionally significant it felt. The first anniversary is a BFD, but that's no reason not to give your second anniversary your all. While there's arguably less pressure to celebrate your second anniversary in epic style than your first, it's still a great opportunity to celebrate your relationship with your honey, give them some love, and enjoy the milestone. To help you craft the perfect plan, here are a few creative second anniversary date and gift ideas, because your love is worth it. Traditionally, the second wedding anniversary gift is cotton. I know, I know, try not to get too excited. Since you're celebrating a dating anniversary, not a wedding anniversary, you're not bound by any constraints of tradition (not that you would be, anyway), so feel free to venture as far from cotton-themed gifts as you like!

Ideally, talk to your partner before your anniversary to get a sense of what they might be in the mood for or expecting from this milestone. They might be completely in the mood for a low-key day together, or they might be expecting a full day at the spa. Once you two agree on your approach to your anniversary, it could also be helpful to establish a price range for gifts, just so you're both on the same page. Read on for some out-of-the-box, cotton-free ideas for celebrating your second dating anniversary!

Get Nostalgic

Remind your partner of where this all started by recreating your first date. Number one, this shows your partner that you remember your first date after being together for two years, which is impressive IMO. Going back to where you had your first date could be romantic or it could be funny, depending on the date. Was it a movie? A comedy show? Or a Halloween party? Either way, it's a trip down memory lane.

Gift idea: Create a scrapbook of emotionally significant items from the last year you spent with your partner. Everything from concert ticket stubs, to Polaroid photos, to handwritten love notes will be sweet additions to a heartfelt gift.

Get Room Service

There's just something about spending a night in a hotel in the city where you live. It feels romantic, sexy, and indulgent — even if you're only staying one night. Be sure to request late check-out, dig into the minibar, and order all the room service your stomachs (and wallets) can handle. Sure, you could easily have take out delivered to your apartment, but this is a special occasion and your partner will definitely appreciate the luxe treatment.

Gift idea: Get you and your boo matching robes so you can take the hotel vibes home with you. You could even monogram them if you're feeling fancy, but a cozy, plush robe is a sweet and practical gift.

Get Your Portraits Taken

If you've been dating your partner for two years, I think it's safe to assume you have plenty of photos together. From selfies to photobooth pics, you and your partner most likely have your photographic bases covered. Although you and your partner might not be sending holiday cards together yet, mark your second anniversary together by getting a formal portrait taken. Get dressed up in anything from black tie attire to Halloween costumes, and commemorate this anniversary with a truly memorable portrait.

Gift idea: Book a professional photoshoot at a department store photo center. (Yes, this is still a thing.) There are plenty of options to fit your budget, you can choose your backgrounds, poses, and attire. Trust me, the Instagram post will be worth it.

Get Healthy

A spa treatment is truly one of my favorite things on the planet and a fabulous way to pamper someone. You can give your partner anything from a manicure and pedicure to an all-day massage, facial, and body wrap combo treatment. The gift of a spa visit tells your partner to relax, enjoy themselves, and de-stress from the daily grind. Oh, and you should probably book something for yourself at the same time.

Gift idea: Put a fun spin on a traditional spa experience by arranging a cryotheraphy treatment and infrared sauna! Cryotherapy facials are an alternative to a full-body deep freeze, but whatever you choose, remember — the couple that freezes / sweats together, stays together! (That's a saying, right?)

Get Tipsy

Let's say you and your partner have a favorite drink or a booze of choice. While wine tastings can be really fun, informative, and celebratory, many bars or hotels offer liquor tastings, too. Sure, you might know that your honey is all about a good peaty whiskey, but why not learn how that delicious booze came to be? Sign up for a liquor tasting to celebrate your anniversary, up your alcohol knowledge, and don't forget to Uber home!

Gift idea: After you and your partner indulge in the liquor tasting, make a note of which booze your honey took a particular shine to. Grab a bottle of it and suggest saving it for your third anniversary.

Regardless of how you and your partner choose to celebrate your second anniversary, just remember that it really is the thought that counts. Take a moment to appreciate your partner, pat yourself on the back for your commitment to your relationship, and enjoy embarking on another year together.