These Contiki Trips Are Made For VSCO Girls & Social Media Lovers

Here's the deal: When you're picking a destination (or two) for a trip, you may consider a few things like trendy accommodations, cool excursions, and tasty cuisine. If you're in a love affair with social media, you likely rate how Instagram-worthy a place is, too. Close your laptop and look no further than these Contiki trips for VSCO girls.

The sunsets in the depths of Central America will look sweet on your feed, and fit in so well with the other ~artsy~ pictures you've posted. The graffiti-covered walls in some of the most historical and bustling cities in Europe will be fun to edit in the studio section of your favorite app, and inspire you to keep traveling this beautiful world. The sea turtles you'll swim with and the natural wonders you'll see will capture your heart and fill your camera roll.

Each experience will be magical from the moment you leave to the second you come home and start telling your stories. You'll whip out your VSCO feed and get into the details behind the Polaroids and beaming selfies you took amongst the salty waves or cozy lagoons. It all begins with these five Contiki trips — so pack your bags. Bon voyage.

The Portugal City And Surf Trip

First things first: Let's talk about this travel company's brand new experience — the Portugal City and Surf trip. It takes you and the rest of your group along the coast of this dreamy country to a yoga and surf camp that's all about taking in the good tides and vibes. If you sign up, you can expect to spend afternoons exploring the beauty of Porto, Lagos, Lisbon, and more.

You'll take a foodie walking tour where you'll get to snap pics of Moroccan chicken skewers, bruschetta, and green wine. You may even get some selfies with your new travel buds during a locally-hosted dinner. Book the experience by Oct. 31, 2019 to save up to 25% on your package. (The regular price starts at $1,619.)

The Ecuador And Galapagos Island Hopper Trip

Island hopping is taken to the next level on the Ecuador and Galapagos Island Hopper trip. On this adventure, you'll go on boat rides, see giant tortoises, snorkel, and explore lava tunnels. You'll also be able to participate in excursions that'll bring you closer to nature. Visiting the Charles Darwin Research Station and biking to volcanoes are both on the itinerary as well.

Just be sure to pack your reusable water bottle since a lot of this experience will be in the outdoors, and get ready to see a different kind of paradise. This trip starts at $2,475, but can be financed at $221 per month.

The Berlin To Budapest Train Trip

During my semester abroad in college, I spent a few days in the lovely city of Berlin. I drank cinnamon tea in cozy coffee shops near the metro stations and followed my wanderlust into museums and sticker-covered restaurants. That's why I know you should definitely consider signing up for the Berlin to Budapest by train trip with Contiki to see the fairytale-like sights for yourself.

You'll go on a Refugee Voices tour of Berlin and will likely swoon over the cobblestone cathedrals in Prague. Simply review the entire itinerary on Contiki's website, then book the experience by Oct. 31, 2019 to save up to 25%. (The regular price starts at $1,789.)

The Iceland Photography Trip

Has it been a dream of yours to see the Northern Lights in real life, or be able capture the perfect pic of them? If so, you should consider signing up for the Iceland Photography trip. It's truly made for VSCO lovers who want to learn more about how their camera works or how to edit an adventurous video.

This trip, which is hosted by Contiki along with iconic content creators, Jacob Riglin (@jacob) and Jeremiah (@thatoneblondkid) is going on in Nov. 2019 for six days. Check out all the information on the Contiki website and book your spot ASAP. The total price of this trip starts at $3,999, but you can finance it at $357 per month.

The Viva Costa Rica Trip

Last but not least, you can score the most epic #content for social media on the Viva Costa Rica trip. For nine days, this experience will take you through butterfly gardens, on a coffee tour, and into national parks. You'll see volcanoes up close and personal and may even chill in hot springs (which is a free time add-on).

The best part? The reefs and stunning landscapes will make your followers stop scrolling and stare. They'll wonder, "How can I go on a trip like that?" It's simple. Book your spot on the Contiki website and be prepared to do VSCO-worthy things. The trip starts at $1,449, with the option to finance at $130 per month.