30 Captions For VSCO Pictures & Being Your Most Creative Self On Social Media

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I'm a firm believer that social media is whatever you make of it. To some, hitting the share button may be an incredible way to stay in touch with long-distance besties. For others, their profile may be a digital journal where they can post the artsy photographs and videos from their camera roll. They may embrace the editing features and filters on multiple apps and are always in need of captions for VSCO pictures.

If you can relate, you likely love having an app on your phone where you can be your most creative self. If I had to take a guess, I'd say you probably wake up in the morning and scroll through the new #content on your Explore page with bright eyes and a full heart. You tap through various editorials for inspiration, favorite the film portraits you like, and rework the highlights and shadows in your latest flower and sunset pics in the studio.

Then you might roll out of bed, put on your favorite oversized sweater, and grab your camera bag. You may spend the day wandering around your city, going on a lunch date with your besties, and capturing the world at a different angle or perspective. When you walk by a unique and vintage sign, you can't help but strike a cool pose in front of it. When you grab a smoothie, you take a quick snap of it against the skyline before taking a sip. Later on, you'll work your magic and post pictures from VSCO with one of these 30 captions.

Cinema Tigers/Stocksy

1. "Dream big, babe."

2. "Cling to what is good and creative."

3. "One of a kind."

4. "Live life in warm yellows."

5. "Be in love with your life."

6. "I think you should just go for it."

7. "Good things come to those who dream."

8. "Do it for yourself."

9. "We dream in colors borrowed from the sea."

10. "Sweeter than sweet."

11. "Whatever makes you happy."

12. "Stop wishing, start doing."

13. "Head in the cotton candy-colored clouds."

14. "A love that always feels like summer."

15. "Totally rad, am I right?"

16. "Mood."

17. "The lighting was good today."

18. "Simple moments on film."

19. "Taken on the dreamiest weekend."

20. "Had such a great time with you."

21. "Lots of little details found here."

22. "Just sea what happens."

23. "A day in the life of me."

24. "My current color palette."

Kike Arnaiz/Stocksy

25. "Take it or leave it."

26. "Never forget how awesome you are."

27. "Sleepless in the city."

28. "Living boldly."

29. "I'll trade you some food for thought."

30. "Orange you glad I posted this?"

After hitting the share button, you may have zero concerns about if that post will "do well." You're perfectly happy with the cool filter and highlights you chose on VSCO, and that's all that really matters. You're simply doing your own thing, which gives you so much more space to be your most creative self.

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