These Cool Coffee Shops In NYC Can Be Your Crew's Very Own Central Perk

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Sometimes when I'm watching my favorite sitcoms (like Friends) I think about how cool it must've been to be part of the cast. I imagine what it must have been like to rehearse the catchphrases like, "How you doin'?" and film scenes like when the gang bantered over a game of poker in the first season. I even wonder if anyone kept a giant mug or a prop that reminds them of Central Perk. TBH, they could just go to these trendy coffee shops in NYC like Central Perk and declare any of them as the "new spot."

If they did that, then you and your besties would be there in a heartbeat, taking pictures in ~vintage~ outfits and having witty conversations over caffeinated drinks. After all, you've spent entire weekends together watching re-runs of the show, so you have the debates over who came up with the joke and whether or not Rachel should tell Ross that she's still in love with him memorized. At any given moment, you could break into "The Routine" or tell a couple that they're totally each other's lobsters.

Some may say that your obsession with the show is real, but you and your besties don't see a problem with knowing every episode by heart. In fact, you're about to go to the five coffee shops in NYC that are just like Central Perk for yourself, and make them your new spot.

Pietro Nolita

The first of these places that you need to turn into your "new spot" is a cute eatery that specializes in delicious Italian food, coffee, and the color pink. Pietro Nolita has a brunch menu complete with lattes, French toast, and homemade pasta that will complete your Insta feed.

It's a total must for besties who want a colorful place to hang out and to take new pictures for their Instagram. You can pose with the graffiti hearts on the outside of the shop, or snap a pic with your dreamy to-go cup if you're not planning on staying for a while.

Either way, the pictures will definitely be a bright spot on your profile and prove to the world that you and your crew found a great place to meet up and talk about Friends in between your busy schedules.

Birch Coffee

From what I know about Birch Coffee, it's an amazing spot to catch up with your crew and try a new blend. It's the place locals go for their daily dose of caffeine before heading into work.

With a variety of locations throughout the city, you will have to let your besties know in the group chat which one you're going to. But once you get there and grab a seat at one of the wooden tables ,you'll feel right at home. You'll soak up the cozy atmosphere, and probably wonder where Phoebe is with her guitar.

I mean, with the twinkly lights and aroma of your chai latte, this would be the ideal spot for her to break into the hit song, "Smelly Cat." Somebody call up Lisa Kudrow, please.

Cha Cha Matcha

If you and your besties are more matcha people than coffee people, then you're going to love Cha Cha Matcha. This sweet spot is dedicated to their green drinks and helping everyone relax while they're amongst the skyscrapers. What more could you ask for?

Let's be honest: The "real world" gets pretty hectic sometimes, and you could always use a break from the constant hustle and bustle. Like one of your faves, Rachel, when she first started out her your own, you're figuring out that relationships can be confusing, you don't get to keep a chunk of your paycheck, and you can be more than just "a shoe."

I'm proud of you, because I know it's not always easy. Treat yourself to an extra cup of matcha at an Insta-worthy spot you're about to call your own, OK?

Coffee Project NY

When you and your besties are looking for a spot to make into your own Central Perk, you really only have one requirement: There has to be good coffee there. Big mugs and a couch you can sit on and pretend you're in the title scene of Friends is a major plus. But at the end of the day, you really just want to take a sip and think, "Wow, this is brewed perfectly."

That's why I think you should to go Coffee Project New York, where every drink is perfectly curated. You'll love your cappuccino and the exposed brick on the inside of the shop. It'll transport you into the world of Friends, especially when you order a pastry or fresh croissant on the side.

Just don't forget to take a picture with the neon sign that says, "Coffee made me do it." That's #necessary to securing this place as your new spot.

Stumptown Coffee Roasters
love always marisa

Last but not least is a place I originally discovered when I was exploring the Pacific Northwest and ordering something from every coffee shop I could find. (Drumroll, please.) It's none other than Stumptown Coffee Roasters.

Located in Greenwich Village and several other locations in the city, it's sure to serve you and your besties high-quality coffee for a good price. It'll make you think, "This could be our new spot," and want to rewatch your favorite episodes of Friends.

It may just be the place you go to when you want to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the show, or have a lively debate about whether or not Rachel and Ross were really on a break. (Who's side are you on?) It'll be as close to Central Perk as you and your crew can get in New York City.

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