28 Captions For Your Iced Matcha That'll Show Your Summer Drink Some Love

When the weather gets warmer and the days get longer, you only have one thing on your mind: iced matcha. You wake up in the mornings, rush to your favorite coffee shop, and excitedly review the menu on the chalkboard above the counter. Your eyes get wider with every seasonal drink, carefully-curated sandwich, or salad topped with fresh fruit that you see. But despite all the delicious options, you order matcha that's poured over ice and delicately-decorated with rosebuds. Truth be told, you wouldn't dare try anything else, because your love for this summer drink is so strong. Now, you're looking for some iced matcha captions that'll show your go-to order some love on the 'Gram.

I don't blame you, because my love for cold brew is very similar. I could be enjoying it at home with a bagel on the side, or a café while catching up with my best friend, and I'll instantly pull out my phone. I'll open up my camera, start working the different angles, and re-position items on the table for the most aesthetically-pleasing shot. I'll place the corner of a placemat under my cup, or make sure to include the palm leaves and flowers that are nearby. Every once in a while, I'll ask my barista to pose with me for a sweet candid. (Because what would I do without her? It beats me.)

Later, I'll edit those pics with the best preset packs on my phone and commemorate the tasty sips on social media. I'll hit the "share" button, and watch the likes and comments come in. Occasionally, I'll get a DM like, "Where did you get that?" or "Oh my god. That looks so good."

Your iced matcha deserves the same kind of moment on your account. And that's why you're gathering up some captions that are cute, witty, and full of puns. Can I give you a few that'll be picture-perfect and show your go-to summer drink some love?


1. "The matcha made me do it."

2. "But first, iced matcha."

3. "Everything is so matcha better with you."

4. "The key to life is positivi-tea."

5. "For the love of iced matcha."

6. "Stay in your green magic, babe."

7. "We're a matcha made in heaven."

8. "It's officially iced matcha weather."

9. "You, me, and a cup of tea."

10. "Dear, barista. Thank you so matcha for what you do."

11. "I like big cups and I cannot lie."

12. "Paradise is anywhere with iced matcha."

Carina König/Stocksy

13. "Go green. Order a cup of iced matcha."

14. "Iced matcha is always a good idea."

15. "Too much Monday, not enough iced matcha."

16. "Iced matcha lover since birth."

17. "Maybe we should get some iced matcha."

18. "All of my captions and drinks are quali-tea."

19. "*Sips iced matcha instead of hot tea.*"

20. "Crushin' on my iced matcha."

21. "Drink iced matcha and make some memories."

22. "Let there be brunch and iced matcha."

23. "This good mood is brought to you by iced matcha."

24. "May the iced matcha be with you."

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25. "Everything I brew, I brew it for you."

26. "You can't sip with us."

27. "Iced, iced matcha, baby."

28. "Peace, love, and iced matcha."

Full disclosure: I've never actually taken a sip of iced matcha. I've seen tons of pictures of it on social media, and cups filled to the brim with this green drink at my local coffee shop. But I've always opted for my usual coffee with milk. (What can I say? I'm a dedicated member of team cold brew.)

One day, though, that'll change. I'll wake up feeling excited and ready to try something new, and order off the seasonal menu. I'll confidently ask for your go-to summer drink, and watch as the barista pours the healthy tea over the cubes of ice. I'll sip it through a paper straw, and see what all the hype is about. I'm sure it'll be pretty obvious why you're so in love with iced matcha and looking for captions for the 'Gram.