These Classic Getaways Aren't Cliché — They're Exactly What Your 20s Wish List Needs

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When it comes to traveling, you want to go, well, everywhere. You want to go to the beautiful countries Julia Roberts visits in Eat Pray Love, and eat delicious Italian pasta, meditate, and maybe even meet the love of your life. To say that your bucket list is pretty jam-packed and not really looking for add-ons would be an understatement. Can I suggest making a little room for these classic vacations ideas, though? They're the trips and experiences every 20-something should have on their wish list.

Don't get me wrong: The excursions that are bouncing around in your mind right now are well-worth planning and going on. The long flights to the other side of the planet, the expensive plane tickets, and the stress of packing your carry-on bag are nothing compared to the adventures you'll have. But in my experience, you can be equally as refreshed and rewarded when going on the trips that you believe to be incredibly classic.

Those are the trips that are mostly about the people, the laughs in the car, and the cheesy pictures you take. They're about living your #bestlife wherever you are, seeing the tourist sites, and taking a well-deserved break. So, add these five classic vacays to your wish list RN. You won't regret it.

Renting A Cozy Cottage With Your SO On The Beach
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First things first: Renting a cozy cottage on the beach with the person you love is a must for your vacation wish list. It may sound a little cliché or like an adventure that two characters in a romantic comedy would go on. But trust me — it'll be the sweetest trip because it'll be filled with sun, surf, and sipping lemonade with your true BFF.

The best part? You don't have to necessarily go far to check this item off the list. The two of you can simply find a cute Airbnb or place to rent along the shore of your own state, or even on a lake that's only a short drive away. (Side note: Snacks, a Polaroid camera, and a good playlist of music are required.)

Going To A Resort On A Tropical Island With Your Siblings
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To this day, one of my favorite family vacations I've ever been on is when my brother, my parents, and I went to Aruba. We stayed in a resort I picked out from a booklet, and loved every second of chilling with the endless buffets of food, the lounge chairs by the ocean, and the other tourists near the pool. Sign yourself up for this vacay, OK?

Start a group chat with your siblings, and drop hints for particular destinations you want to check out in real life. Send links to certain hotels that have dreamy balconies or palm trees right outside the windows, and pictures of pink skies. Personally, I'd suggest going to an island in the Caribbean. That's just me, though!

Getting A Big Cabin In The Mountains For A Ski Weekend
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I'm sure the last thing on your mind right now is winter. You packed up your oversized sweaters and ski gear, like, a month ago. But, if you're looking to plan a very classic vacation and get a little ahead of schedule, then I suggest putting a cabin in the snowy mountains on your radar.

It'll be perfect for adventuring with your besties, and trying something new. During the day, you'll hit the slopes and show off your skiing or snowboarding skills. By night, you'll snuggle up near a fireplace with bowls of popcorn and hot chocolate, have some heart-to-hearts, and watch a movie.

You'll put on your seasonal favorites like Elf, Love Actually, and The Holiday, and prepare for another fun-filled day. Sounds dreamy, huh?

Visiting A Bustling City In Europe With Your Best Friends
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If you studied abroad in college or have already visited a bustling city in Europe with your friends, then you know it's an experience your wish list can't miss. There's something about posing with a crêpe, roaming around art museums, and trying your very first cappuccino that is simply picture-perfect.

Speaking of pictures, I should warn you that your camera roll will reach its maximum capacity during this vacation. You'll be eating breakfast along the Seine River in Paris, and pull out your phone. The lighting will be so good, and you'll take a bunch of glowing selfies until you get that notification that says, "Storage is almost full."

Whoops! Maybe stock up on some extra space, or bring an extra camera along. You won't mind tossing another electronic into your bag when you're looking at the one-of-a-kind pictures later.

Driving Across The Country With Your Go-To Travel Buddies
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Last but not least, you should really make sure that your wish list has one item on it, possibly at the very top: Driving across the country. It's an adventure as old as time, and one that will leave you with much more appreciation for where you live, and Earth as a whole.

Now, this trip will require some extra planning ahead of time. You'll want to make sure that you map out the secret spots in the Grand Canyon, and a route that will take you through a bunch of the major national parks. You'll want to give yourself some time to explore, go hiking, and maybe even camp underneath the stars.

What will be most important in your planning process, though, is picking out which travel buddies are going to come along for the ride. After all, this classic vacay (like the others) is so amazing because of who you spend it and make memories with. Choose wisely, and then go.

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