5 Christmas Dates With Your Fur Baby That All Dog Mamas Will Love

While it's fun focusing on the cheer, the festivities, and the cozy, comfy feeling of Christmas, we all know this season is essentially the busiest time of the year. Between baking trays upon trays of cookies for holiday parties, shopping until you drop, budgeting for gifts, and scarping the ice off of your car, it can be difficult to make time for the little things, even if they are important. It's times like these when your doggo can start to feel a little left out — but it doesn't have to be that way. This holiday season, it's time for all of you dog mamas out there to think of sweet Christmas date ideas with your dog.

After all, Christmas is about spending time with your loved ones. I'm sure your dog would I agree when I tell you that one of the best present you'll get this year is your pup's endless amount of love and adoration for you. So, instead of tucking in watch A Christmas Story for the millionth time, or baking three different kinds of cookies for your office holiday party, spend some quality time with your pup. Your fur baby will love you for it, and you'll love these five Christmas date ideas you can try out with her.

Hit Up Starbucks For A Festive Doggie Treat

Who said your pup can't enjoy some Christmas cheer, Starbucks style? I know you don't need much encouraging to make moves to your local Starbs, and you know your dog would love to join.

Order one of your favorite holiday drinks (Did someone say peppermint mocha?), and a small cup of whipped cream for your furry friend. They will thank you for it, and TBH, your pup is probably so cute that you'll make the barista's day just walking there. Everybody wins.

A Trip To The Mall For A Present... Or Two

Make your dog's day and head down to the local pet store for a treat, a fun new toy, and maybe, just maybe, some super cute Christmas pajamas. It's the gift giving season, after all, and you simply can't get about your furry companion.

Some local pet stores even offer fun things like dog Christmas parties and pictures with Santa. Take your pup, and be amazed by what you find!

A Snowy Walk Fit For Two

Even dogs are here for a good snow day. Make the most of the cold weather by taking your pup on a long walk around your area, playing in the snow, and taking in the serene beauty of it all.

Your dog will love the chance to stretch her legs outdoors, and most of all, she'll appreciate the quality time spent with you with no interruptions. It's pretty much a perfect Christmas gift, for the both of you. Don't forget some little boots and a sweater for your pup — it's cold out there!

Cook Up Some Fantastic Christmas Treats, For The Both Of You

We know one of the best parts of the holiday season is all of the seasonal desserts and dishes you can make. Your pup doesn't like being left out, but I'm sure you know better than to share the leftover cookies with your furry friend.

Switch things up and make a dog-friendly dessert for her, and some cookies for you. There are a ton of adorable tutorials out there for dog-approved holiday treats, and you'll be shocked just how easy they are. It's a date!

Sledding Isn't Just For Kids

Hit up some local slopes and hills with your pup and a sled or two. Put your dog in your lap, or go down one by one. Chances are, you'll end up pulling them more than vice versa, but it's worth a shot. You'll never forget these memories.