6 Holiday Dog Treats To Make For Your Fur Baby's Stocking This Christmas

by Tessa Harvey

The holiday season is all about giving back. It's about looking around, taking it all in, and living your best life — most especially by loving on others who matter most to you. Sometimes, that means giving gifts, other times that means volunteering your time for a great cause, and sometimes... that means doing something a little extra special for your fur baby (or your friend's fur baby). This year, don't let your doggo miss out on the cookie swapping by whipping up some amazing holiday dog treats.

If you've ever owned a dog, you know those mischievous (but absolutely adorable) little pups are always down to eat. I mean, that's why they make great friends, right? 'Cause, same. When it comes to the holiday season, the human essentials are about all things warm and cozy AF — from the decorations and music, to the clothes and holiday treats. It's time to spread that cheer to our furry friends.

I mean, every year your pup (or your friend's pup) most likely watches the holiday season come and go without a bite of the holiday for themselves. They love on you anyway, and continue on with their doggo lives. But this year is the year of change. You're baking in the kitchen already, right? It's time to add just a few more dog-friendly ingredients to your shopping list.

This year, switch it up with just one or two of these six mouthwatering holiday treats, made with love for your fur baby. They'll thank you with lifelong cuddles, sloppy kisses, and always being there to keep you company.

'Tis The Season For DIY Dog Eggnog
Gone to the Snow Dogs on YouTube

Whether you're an eggnog lover or hater, you can't deny your pup the opportunity to join in on the seasonal fun, right? This DIY Dog Eggnog was a complete hit with this vlogger's three adorable huskies, so I'm sure it'll hit home with yours, too. Just look at those faces! Top off the easy treat with your pup's favorite dog snack, and you're making doggie dreams come true.

Your Pooch Will Be Here For These Candy Canes
Gone to the Snow Dogs on YouTube

The three husky pups are back. This time, they're demonstrating a how-to on these dog-approved candy cane cookies. All this recipe takes is a mixer (this tutorial uses a KitchenAid, but a hand mixer will work just as well), a few dry ingredients, water, a bouillon cube, eggs, food coloring, and some time in the oven. Soon enough, your pup will be enjoying the holiday spirit right along with you.

You Can't Forget The Snowball Cookies
Gone to the Snow Dogs on YouTube

I'm not sure about you, but where I grew up, making snowball cookies was a holiday essential. You can imagine my excitement when I realized that pups can join in on the snowball cookie action as well.

You can't get better than these quick and easy, no-bake cookies. And the best part about this tutorial? It only calls for four ingredients — one of which is peanut butter, so you know the pups are going to wag their tails over these treats.

A Christmas Peanut Butter Donut For Your Doggo
CookingForDogs on YouTube

Your pup doesn't have to be jealous when you come home with a box of Krispy Kreme donuts anymore. Take a little time to make these donut cookies for your pup, and they'll certainly be devoted to you for life (I mean, they're already completely devoted to you, of course). And again, these cookies are peanut butter-based, so your dog will obsess over them.

The Cutest Christmas Cookies, For The Cutest Pup
MyDIYtifuLife on YouTube

How many years has your pup longingly watched you make your traditional Christmas sugar cookies, sad and puppy-dog-eyed? Far too many.

This simple recipe can be made right alongside your own cookies so that this season, your pooch will be spreading holiday cheer in no time. Be careful, though — you won't want to mix up your cookie mix and your furry friend's.

The Most Instagrammable Dog Treat
Pinch of Yum on YouTube

Forget posting your own holiday sweet treats on Instagram. These peanut butter and bacon-iced cookies are going to steal the show (and all of the likes, too). Your pup will go nuts for the special cookies, and a batch will most likely make enough for the whole holiday season. Get baking!