The Best U.S. Cities To Move To This Year If You're A Millennial Who Wants A Fresh Start

Alexey Kuzma, Stocksy

Life can be like a video game. There are obstacles, some of which are easy to conquer, and others that throw you off guard. There are different routes you can take that lead you to alternate endings and new characters. Every once in a while, things seem to glitch a little bit and you need to hit the "refresh" button. That's normal and totally OK — especially in this decade of your life that's meant for exploring the world and everything it has to offer. You just need know the best U.S. cities for millennials to live in in 2019, so that you can embrace that fresh start.

Before you pick up some bubble wrap at the store, though, you also need to know what a fresh start requires. It's not all about quitting your current job so that you can follow your dreams, or finding a cute apartment that's move-in ready. It's about believing in yourself, being open-minded, and welcoming positivity into your world.

Instead of asking, "Why?" start asking, "Why not?" and send as many good vibes out into the universe as possible. You may notice that the new is already unfolding, and you'd be surprised as to what beautiful things are waiting for you where you're going and beyond. Then, take the leap and get going on your fresh start. Turn one of these five cities that are meant for millennials this year into your home, grab some cardboard boxes, and go.

San Francisco, California
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You may have heard by now that the West Coast is dubbed the "best coast." You assumed that it got that label because of the Insta-worthy spots in Los Angeles, or the national parks that are filled with redwood trees and sand dunes.

You're not wrong. The colorful walls on Melrose Avenue and the desert landscapes in Joshua Tree National Park are absolutely gorgeous. But, in my personal opinion, the cities along the Pacific Ocean are so incredible because they're filled with creativity and inspiration.

San Francisco, in particular, is perfect for the millennial who is looking for a fresh start, change of scenery, and sights on sights on sights. From the Golden Gate Bridge to the pastel-colored houses (aka the painted ladies) that you know from Full House, it's a place that you can truly never be bored in.

Seattle, Washington
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Next, you should consider packing your bags and heading to Seattle, Washington. This amazing city, based in the Pacific Northwest, is home to the first Starbucks and known for landmarks such as the Space Needle. Will you make it your home in 2019? I hope so!

In my opinion, aside from New York City, you'll never find a place in the United States that feels quite as electric as here. It's a prime place for sporting events, festivals, art, and exploring boutiques. Spend one afternoon roaming around the Pike Place Market, and you'll be head over heels in love.

Then, adventure for a weekend into the mountains and evergreens to get away from the bustling sidewalks and bright lights. Go camping or hiking and let nature remind you of the beauty of new beginnings.

Salt Lake City, Utah
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Recently, Salt Lake City has been on my mind a lot. A few of my favorite influencers and YouTubers live in this city and have raved about being able to call it home. They've brought me and their loyal followers through newly decorated home tours, and weekends spent snowboarding in the mountains.

I think it's your turn to see what all the hype is about. It's time for you to hop in a car and drive across the country, or take a flight over the snow-covered peaks and fall in love with the nature. I think it's time that you explore the museums and music venues, and visit The Great Salt Lake.

Most importantly, you should take some #inspo from those YouTubers' vlogs and document your own journey. This fresh start will be an amazing chapter of your life that you'll want to remember, you know?

Atlanta, Georgia
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Millennials should have all the heart eyes for Atlanta this year. It's a lively city based in the South that's filled with one-of-a-kind things to do.

If you move here, you can spend your weekends taking pictures at the Atlanta Botanical Garden, or filling Polaroid frames with the sights of Centennial Olympic Park. Personally, I'd be looking at all the skyscrapers with awe and wonder, and quoting Jonathan Van Ness at every stop light. I'd be watching the beautiful sunsets, and looking to my new best friends saying, "Can you believe?" Dreams really do come true.

Denver, Colorado
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Last but not least, if you're a millennial who's looking for a fresh start, head to Denver. This city is everything you're looking for and will be so easy to call home.

With the Rocky Mountains nearby, it's a perfect spot for getting active and in touch with the great outdoors. You can pick up skiing at one of the popular resorts, or go hiking in the summertime. You can catch a show or concert at the Red Rocks Amphitheater, or explore the city by yourself and find your own corners, niches, and clubs.

Truth is, sometimes that's all a fresh start needs and requires: a location and a little time to explore it solo, or with a couple of friends. Lucky for you and other millennials, there are at least five cities waiting for you to move in. So, ready, set, and go!