5 Awesome Things About Sharing An Apartment With Your Sis & No One Else

I want to be real with you, my loyal readers: I don't have a sister. I've never experienced the youngest — or oldest — of my siblings stealing a new sweater out of my closet. I don't really know the struggle of someone else getting to the takeout leftovers in the refrigerator before me, or taking a video when I'm singing the latest hits from Taylor Swift in the shower. But I have had my fair share of roommates and can imagine that living with your day one, and nobody else, is probably the most ideal scenario, like, ever. I'm seriously missing out on the best things about sharing an apartment with your sister, but you don't have to.

You can have all of the bonding moments, romantic comedy- filled movie nights, and dance parties in the kitchen. You can decorate your place with pictures from your childhood photo albums, and stay up until midnight talking about the embarrassing things you've done over the years. When your sister comes home from work or from hanging out with her BFFs, you can ask her about her day, listen while she recounts the details of her run-in with her crush, and show her the hilarious memes you found on social media.

That sounds pretty picture-perfect to me, and like something you need to experience in your 20s. These are the five best things about sharing an apartment with your sister.

You Have Access To The Cute Clothes In Her Closet
Guille Faingold/Stocksy

First things first: Living with your sister means you have 24/7 access to the cute clothes in her closet. The vintage jean jacket she thrifted, the silky dress she bought from your favorite boutique, and the chic blouse you want to wear to work, included.

Sure, you have to ask for permission first — you would want her to do the same! I have a good feeling, though, that she'll be down to share her stylish pieces. After all, you're all grown up now and taking on the "real world" together, which means that petty arguments over clothes are #overrated. You're no longer bickering over boots or which brands are the so-called best.

Instead, you're going on shopping trips together and having fashion shows in your apartment with your speakers and her full-length mirror. It's safe to say your other family members would be proud.

You Don't Mind Telling Her To Clean Up A Mess

Your sister is the person you tell everything to, so there's really no situation or conversation that's off limits. You could get into the details of your PMS symptoms, text messages from your crush, or your newest coffee order. You could also tell her to clean up a huge mess in your apartment, no questions asked.

TBH, it's kind of a relief, because with other roommates, that might not necessarily be the case. You may feel awkward bringing up the dirty dishes in the sink, or the mascara that's smeared on the bathroom mirror.

But, with your sister, you don't mind saying, "Hey, can you clean up after yourself?" You might even add in a joke and call her a "slob" sarcastically. She won't take it personally. Phew!

You Can Make Your Favorite Family Dinners Together
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Growing up, you, your sister, and your other siblings may have had your favorite family dinners. They came from recipes that had been passed down from one generation to the next, and usually took a lot of preparation or extra ingredients. (I know there were certain dishes my mom made that I requested, too.)

When you share an apartment with your sister, you can cook these same meals in your kitchen together. You can bond over the endless steps that go into making sushi, or watching the chocolate chips cookies rise in the oven. You can make some new memories over a pot of homemade soup in the fall, or a plate filled with elephant-shaped vanilla pancakes.

The best part? You can document it all on social media with some clever food captions or pics of your meal. Send a taste through the screen, OK?

She Already Knows All Of Your Habits

I can't stress this enough — all bets are off when you're with your sister. She knows your deepest secrets, wildest stories, and the things that make you tick. She also knows all of your weird and hilarious habits because she's lived with you before.

So, when you wander into the kitchen at midnight and make an entire pasta dinner, she doesn't even think twice about it. She actually encourages it, by asking you to make her a plate, too. She doesn't question your social habits, or how you pour milk in the bowl before the cereal.

With other roommates, you might have to explain yourself and why you are the way you are. But living with your sister means you can fully be yourself in your space. What's more valuable than that? Nothing.

Your Best Friend Lives In The Same Place As You

Last but not least, sharing an apartment with your sister is so ideal in your 20s, because she's your best friend. She's the one who's been there for you through thick and thin, and she's always down to run errands with you or go out to lunch. No offense to your other roommates, but she brings the experience of living with someone else to the next level. *Cue the claps.*

When you want to talk about what's going on in your life, her door is always open. You can walk right in with a couple of pints of ice cream, and she'll welcome you with her familiar and smiling face. She'll listen intently, put on one of your favorite playlists, and remind you that you have the best partner-in-crime.

And for that, I'm honestly very jealous that get to share an apartment with your sister. Take advantage of it, OK?