If You’ve Gone Through A Bad Breakup, These 5 Activities Can Help

Getting back on your feet after a breakup can be a really painful process. No matter what the circumstances of the separation were, in some cases, it can take a while before you start to feel like yourself again. Finding some healthy activities to make you feel better after a breakup can be a very important part of the healing process. Positive distractions shift the focus away from your broken heart, which can help limit the time spent in emotional despair, according to experts.

"Distraction is effective in helping clients to heal," counselor in residence at Bluebird Counseling Center Anne Beverly previously told Elite Daily. "I've had clients throw themselves into learning the guitar, painting, or learning a language. Doing something novel activates new and different parts of the brain, plus it's a chance to be creative or even meet new people." Although your post-breakup blues might make getting out of bed feel impossible, it's important to remember that life goes on. Even though you're probably in a lot of pain, you also have the opportunity to channel your emotions into something productive. Here are some things that can help get your mind off your breakup and onto something a bit more positive.

Get some fresh air.

Despite how tempting it may be to stay inside while mourning the loss of a relationship, spending some time outdoors can work wonders. "Get outside daily to walk or bike," spiritual matchmaker Heather Kristian Strang previously told Elite Daily. "Nature heals, and simply being outside (even if you have to bundle up) will help restore you and remind you that life goes through cycles of death and rebirth. Just like nature, you will be born again, and new love will enter your life."


"Practices like meditation, yin yoga, and breath work can all help by activating your parasympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for your relaxation response," CEO and founder of heartbreak recovery app Mend, Elle Huerta, previously told Elite Daily. For some people, breakups can lead to intense emotions which can make it really difficult to get through the day. That's why learning to recenter yourself when these difficult feelings come up is key. Doing something grounding like meditation can also "boost the feel-good hormones that you're usually missing after a breakup," added Huerta.


It turns out, working up a sweat is another way to curb the negative effects of a breakup. Even if hitting the gym isn't your thing, consider enrolling in a dance class or taking up a new fitness hobby. "Biochemically, it activates all of those endorphins, which are the body’s natural anti-depressants and natural anti-anxiety chemicals," founder of Miami Shrinks Erika Martinez previously told Elite Daily. "Even something as simple as going for a walk every day for 10 [or] 20 minutes can be really important. It also gets you out of your head."

Get creative.

As Beverly pointed out, finding a creative outlet can also be a helpful way to bring some positivity back into your life after a breakup. Pottery-making, drawing, photography, music, writing, and improv theatre are all examples of artsy activities you can try.

Attend a social event.

Even something as simple as hanging out with friends can help make you feel less isolated. "Go to the movies or attend an event that will take up a lot of your attention," recommended Huerta. Worst-case scenario, if you're not feeling it, you can leave early. Best-case scenario, you have some fun. Either way, you've gone through the motions of putting yourself back out into the world, and that's progress in and of itself.

The truth is that breakups are painful, so completely avoiding negative emotions isn't a realistic goal when the breakup is fresh. But finding new activities you enjoy can definitely help you move forward. So, onward! There are too many amazing, fun, productive things you can do in the world that don't involve feeling sad about your ex. Embrace the opportunities that are ahead. Pretty soon, you'll be enjoying this new chapter.