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45 Captions For Valentine's Day 2021 That'll Give Your SO Heart Eyes

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Nothing should stand in the way of love, and this Valentine's Day is no exception. Whether you're celebrating at home with your quarantine boo or virtually amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, there are still so many ways to make V-Day special this year. One way to show your partner how much you love them is by posting a picture along with a heartfelt caption on the 'gram. You'll want to say just the right words, and these Valentine's Day 2021 Instagram captions will have you covered.

Celebrating Valentine's Day will involve following the safety guidelines set forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The CDC recommends celebrating events and holidays at home or virtually in order to potentially prevent yourself and others from spreading and/or catching the coronavirus. Just because you won't be going out for plans, that doesn't mean your day and pictures can't be magical.

Whether you decide to have breakfast in bed or sign up for a virtual wine tasting with your SO, you'll have lots of opportunities for some cute snaps. When you're ready to post on your feed, you don’t have to stress. Simply choose any of these Valentine's Day 2021 captions, and get ready for all the likes to roll in.

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1. "BRB, swooning over this one."

2. "Love you tons and tons."

3. "Can confirm: Distance does make the heart grow fonder."

4. "Sending virtual hugs and kisses."

5. "The year zooms by when you spend it with your love."

6. "The light of my life."

7. "Life is boo-tiful with my boo."

8. "More chocolate kisses, please."

9. "We go together like Face and Time."

10. "Might be miles apart, but never separated."

11. "Ouch, just got bit by the love bug."

12. "Cupid really got us."

13. "Missing you more every day."

14. "So lucky to have you in my life."

15. "Roses are red, violets are blue, I just can't wait until I finally see you."

16. "My one true pairing."

17. "You're my Valentine because I like talking to you even before I've had my coffee."

18. "Let's make more memories like this."

19. "Always smiling when I'm with you."

20. "Love you, but love the chocolates you sent me more."

21. "There's nothing to wine about when I'm with you."

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22. "To the moon and back."

23. "Thank you for always being there for me."

24. "We may be distanced, but I've never felt closer to you."

25. "On Valentine's Day, we wear fluffy slippers."

26. "Will you be my Valentine? You have to say yes."

27. "Best Valentine's Day ever."

28. "Home is all good."

29. "Petition to make every day Valentine's Day."

30. "Heart eyes for you."

31. "Cheers to us."

32. "Love is in the air... and on the Zoom call."

33. "Thanks for always laughing at my TikToks."

34. "My favorite snuggle buddy."

35. "You have a slice of my heart and a pizza my love."

36. "I love you because you send the funniest TikToks."

37. "You always know how to make me smile."

38. "I'll never stop annoying everyone with stories about you."

39. "A special day with my special someone."

40. "Blessed to be with you."

41. "Just got off the phone with Cupid. He said I'm in love."

42. "Can you believe we both swiped right?"

43. "Melting over you."

44. "Life feels lighter with you in it."

45. "Aren't you glad I made the first move?"

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