A woman dressed like a witch sits in front of her computer for a virtual Halloween party at home.

45 Captions For Virtual Halloween Parties & Spookin' With Your Main Witches

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Distance isn't a problem when it comes to you and your besties. You're in constant contact, thanks to your group chats and FaceTime calls, and Halloween is no different. This year, you'll need some spookin' cocktail recipes (if you're 21 or up) and Instagram captions for virtual Halloween parties, because this is only the start of the fun that's to come. Everything you love about in-person parties can happen via Zoom, even group selfies in your costumes that deserve all the love on Insta.

Depending on the vibe of your group, you can plan different Halloween party activities. Create a fun playlist of spooky songs and dance the night away like you're at a real monster mash. Share recipes that you can make together, and then compare your best foodie pics. If you're looking for something cozy, plan a movie night where you stream the same nostalgic films and get comfy in a Halloween blanket fort with purple string lights. For something funny, plan a game night where you play charades over Zoom or share your screen and play a Jackbox Game that's right on theme, like Monster Seeking Monster.

In between the exciting Halloween activities you have planned, make sure to snap a few screenshots of your party crew and selfies of yourself at home. Then, post those on the 'gram with any of these 45 virtual Halloween party Instagram captions that are ghoulishly good.

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1. "I put a spell on you, and now you're wine."

2. "Hanging out with my witches... virtually."

3. "Zooming through Halloween with you."

4. "All this witches brew is for me."

5. "Cheers, witches, to a strong WiFi connection."

6. "It's scary how good we look."

7. "Virtually celebrating All Hallows' Eve."

8. "Parking my broom in front of the computer."

9. "Getting the coven together is easier than ever."

10. "Yes, it's ghouls' night."

11. "Felt witchy. Might party all night long."

12. "Let us skelebrate!"

13. "Witch way to the party?"

14. "Just stopping in for a spell."

15. "Home sweet haunted home."

16. "It's time to shake your boo-ty."

17. "Till death do us party!"

18. "A spookin' good time."

19. "Baddest witches on the Zoom."

20. "Welcome foolish mortals to the virtual Halloween party."

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21. "If the WiFi goes out, it'll be a haunt mess."

22. "We've got pumpkin to talk about all night long."

23. "We've got Halloween fever."

24. "Feeling faBOOlous."

25. "This is Halloween." — The Nightmare Before Christmas

26. "Just took a DNA test, turns out we're 100% those witches."

27. "This virtual party is totally ghoul."

28. "We've got the party spirit [ghost emoji]."

29. "Hey WiFi, get your sheet together."

30. "It's showtime." — Beetlejuice

31. "This is my resting witch face."

32. "I love virtual parties, because I don't have to share my candy."

33. "This party may contain boos."

34. "Let's boo-gie [ghost emoji]."

35. "Life is gourd with my besties."

36. "This is one web I don't mind getting caught in."

37. "We witch you a happy Halloween."

38. "Have an owl-some Halloween!"

39. "Fright this way to the virtual Halloween party."

40. "Oh my gourd, it's a virtual party!"

41. "Hanging with my hallow-queens."

42. "Keep the zombeat going."

43. "Everything is just faboolous."

44. "'Cause my body too BOOtylicious for ya, babe." — Destiny's Child, "Bootylicious"

45. "Name a more brew-tiful crew. I dare you."