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44 Group Chat Names For Your Workout Crew & Getting Your Sweat On

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Your workout crew never fails to hype you up for a quick run, yoga class on YouTube, or weight-lifting session. When you're feeling unmotivated or bored with your routine, they might send you an energetic playlist to put on and tons of messages like, "You've got this!" You encourage them too, and send GIFs of cats lifting tiny weights in your group chat to give them something silly to smile about. These group chat names for your workout crew will truly lift everyone's spirits before they get their sweat on.

Depending on your weekly schedules, you and your workout buds might plan to work out together over Zoom once or twice a week. You might roll out your yoga mats in your own homes, and follow a tutorial. Of course, when you can't do planks, lounges, or squats together, you send messages in the group chat. You check in to see what new singles everyone added to their workout playlists, and what your BFFs' personal fitness goals are for the day. Everyone's goals are a little bit different, but that doesn't mean they won't fit with these group chat names for your workout crew.

Some of these chat names might remind your crew to stay hydrated while they work out and stretch their muscles before and after. Others may be a cute pun that speaks to one aspect of their workout routine. One thing is for sure: All of these group chat names will motivate your friends to be active and have fun every step of the way.

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1. Get Your Sweat On

2. Hydration Station

3. Workout Check

4. We Love Child's Pose

5. Friends Who Flex

6. Taking A Rest Day

7. Stretch It Out

8. Reach For The Barre

9. Take A Breath

10. Smoothie Moves

11. One More Rep

12. Swipe Up For Leggings

13. Gym Mates

14. WOFH: Working Out From Home

15. #FitnessTok

16. All We Do Is Lift

17. We've Got This

18. Squat Squad

19. Planking, HBU?

20. Going With The Flow

21. Slow And Steady

22. Tanks And Top-knots

23. Manifesting Muscles

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24. Workout Buds

25. Go Team

26. Don't Nama'stay In Bed

27. Hello From My Yoga Mat

28. Have A Good Workout

29. Status: At The Home Gym

30. It's Leg Day

31. Feeling The Burn

32. Cardio Is Cool

33. The Actual Stair Masters

34. Thinking About Smoothies

35. Wanna Work Out?

36. New Muscles Just Dropped

37. Feeling Peachy

38. Weight For It

39. Oh My Quads

40. The Finish Line

41. That Was A Fun Run

42. Sweaty Selfies Found Here

43. Long-Distance Gym Buddies

44. Sweatin' And Smilin'