42 Santa Puns For Instagram That Will Have You Ho-Ho-Ho-ing With Laughter

Santa is our beloved mascot of the holiday season — the one we're all eagerly waiting for on Christmas Eve. Even now that we're adults and know that jolly Saint Nick's not a real human, that doesn't stop us from loving that man in red. The way he laughs with his belly, and loves cookies and his reindeer more than anything, he basically sounds like a real chill dude you would want to hang out with on the regular. That's why for the holiday photos you take, you need some Santa puns for Instagram.

Everyone knows that big guy in red, so they'll be laughing with holiday cheer when they read your Instagram caption pun. You don't even have to miss a beat of the holiday season trying to come up with one on your own, because just like Santa himself, we've packaged these up for you to use with a big red bow.

You must have been nice, because you deserve all of the Santa and holiday-inspired puns you want. You'll be sleighing the Instagram game in no time. The perfect caption is just like Santa's hat. It completes the entire outfit, so with a good Instagram caption, your friends will be saying all they want for Christmas is more puns.

For all of your Santa sightings...

1. "Santa's back in town." — Unknown

2. "Santaquatch." — Unknown

3. "First things first, I'm the realest." — "Fancy"

4. "Hand-santa-tizer." — Unknown

5. "Santa bae bae." — Unknown

6. "You light up my life." — Debby Boone

For when your pets are eagerly waiting for Santa, too...

7. "Santa claws." — Unknown

8. "Santa paws." — Unknown

9. "Meowy Christmas and a Happy New Year." — Unknown

10. "Santa jaws." — Unknown

For when you're partying it up on Santa's Naughty List...

11. "It's the most wonderful time for a beer." — Unknown

12. "Let's be naughty and save Santa the trip." — Unknown

13. "Up to snow good." — Unknown

14. "Reinbeers." — Unknown

For your reindeer onesie snaps that Santa would be proud of...

15. "Make it rein." — Unknown

16. "I'm quite fawn'd of you, my deer." — Unknown

17. "I doen't give a buck." — Unknown

18. "I love you deerly." — Unknown

19. "Say it to my face. I deer you." — Unknown

20. "I'm so very fawned of you." — Unknown

21. "Oh deer." — Unknown

For when you're waiting inside for Santa to arrive...

22. "Claustrophia." — Unknown

23. "Festivi-tea." — Unknown

24. "Cocoa before loco." — Unknown

25. "You go Glen Cocoa." — Unknown

For all of the holiday treats you leave out for Santa...

26. "I put out [insert cookie emoji] for Santa." — Unknown

27. "Tough cookie." — Unknown

28. "Peas on Earth." — Unknown

29. "You bake life better." — Unknown

For when you want to give props to all of Santa's little helpers...

30. "Believe in your elf." — Unknown

31. "Check your elf, before you wreck your elf." — Unknown

32. "Have your elf a merry little Christmas." — Unknown

33. "But first, let me take an elfie." — Unknown

For when you hear Santa's sleigh...

34. "Sleigh my name. Sleigh my name." — Unknown

35. "Someone call Santa Claus, I'm about to sleigh this workout." — Unknown

36. "All the jingle ladies." — Unknown

37. "I know when those sleigh bells ring. That can only mean one thing." — Unknown

38. "Another day, another sleigh." — Unknown

When you know Santa's coming to town...

39. "You rock my Christmas socks." — Unknown

40. "Happy holla days." — Unknown

41. "I'm having a meltdown." — Unknown

42. "Happy Holly-days." — Unknown