A happy woman with rose-colored sunglasses in her backyard looks at her phone.

40 #Summer2020 Captions For TikTok & & Everything That's Fun Under The Sun


Summer is officially here. Do you know what that means? It's time to break out your fave sunnies, inflate your oversized floaty, and relax in the backyard with a refreshing drink in hand. Along with the essentials, you'll need some summer 2020 captions for TikTok videos that show off how you're chilling this season.

While you're lounging on your deck chair and working on your tan lines, you're probably scrolling through TikTok. It's easy to get lost in the dance challenges and hilarious memes on your "For You" page, but you'll also notice on the "Discover" page that #Summer2020 is trending. With over three billion views, this is the place to watch tons of videos from TikTokers celebrating the season. If you're looking for popsicle making tutorials or summery cocktail recipes, TikTok has you covered. You can even find videos that might inspire some backyard fun and games for you and your roomies to enjoy together.

Seize the summer days while they're here, and try everything fun under the sun. Don't forget to document your adventures with #Summer2020 TikToks of your own. Before you post, use any of these 40 summer captions for your videos along with the hashtag, so you can keep the summer vibes going for other TikTokers to see.

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1. "My vacation mode is officially on."

2. "[watermelon emoji] sugar high!" — Harry Styles, "Watermelon Sugar"

3. "Savor the taste of summer."

4. "You really float my boat."

5. "The only shade allowed around here is under the palm trees."

6. "With you, anything is popsicle."

7. "Orange you glad it's summer?"

8. "Felt cute. Might chill here a little bit longer."

9. "Waving hello to summer. [wave emoji]."

10. "Hey summer, lime all yours."

11. "My Roomies: Wanna make a TikTok? Me: Shore, why not?"

12. "Don't even bother making a summer pun. I already beach you to it."

13. "This is my 'it's finally summer' happy dance."

14. "You make me melt like ice cream in the summertime."

15. "Don't be a bummer, enjoy the summer."

16. "Sweet summertime."

17. "If you need me, I'm just chillin' over here with my ice cream."

18. "This summer, I don't plan on getting tide down."

19. "Watch more sunsets than Netflix this summer."

20. "Water you doing?"


21. "Feeling just beachy. HBU?"

22. "The only B.S. I'll allow this summer is bikinis and sandals."

23. "Current mission: finding a graceful way to get on this pool float."

24. "Happiness is not having to set an alarm on weekdays."

25. "I don't need summer romance, but what I do need is a tan."

26. "It's summer and the memories are just waiting to happen."

27. "Dear beach, I think about you all the time."

28. "I'm going to stand outside, so if anyone asks, I'm outstanding."

29. "There is always that one summer that changes you." — Beth Merlin

30. "Shake your palm palms."

31. "Popsicles are a totally acceptable meal at this point."

32. "I just need s'more summer nights."

33. "Less Monday, more summer."

34. "What time is it? Summertime." — High School Musical 2

35. "Put a finger down if you're excited that it's summer."

36. "I call this the summer nap challenge."

37. "I don't need a motivational quote. I need ice cream."

38. "Don't let that summer sunshine go to waste."

39. "Gonna party like a pineapple."

40. "You deserve a life that always feels like summer."