40 “Never Have I Ever” Questions That’ll Make Your Convos Way More Fun

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There's a reason why "Put a finger down if..." TikToks keep racking up likes and making their way onto your For You page. Whether you're talking to friends, family, or your crush, the answers to "Never Have I Ever" questions tend to be juicy. Sometimes, the other person will confess to something mildly embarrassing that makes you laugh. Other times, you get a glimpse into someone's secret, rebellious side or learn about their naughtiest escapades, and you end up with a whole new perspective about them you didn't have before. Either way, a game of "Never Have I Ever" is never boring.

When getting to know your crush, you're eager to understand their personality. You want to know about their experiences and what makes them tick. Why not ask questions that can reveal intriguing little tidbits about their life story? Here are 40 "Never Have I Ever" questions to text your crush that definitely make for an illuminating conversation.

Chill Questions

Never have I ever...

1. Cut my own hair

2. Skipped class

3. Lurked on my ex's social media

4. Bet on something

5. DMed a celebrity

6. Snuck out of the house

7. Lied to my parents about where I was going

8. Pulled an all-nighter

9. Fainted

10. Jumped the barricade at a concert

11. Made it backstage at a concert

12. Snuck into the movies

13. Cried in public

14. Performed in a talent show

15. Seen a ghost

Slightly-Less-Chill Questions

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Never have I ever...

16. Gotten stitches

17. Broken any bones

18. Stayed up for 24 hours or more

19. Been drunk

20. Been kicked out of a party

21. Smoked weed

22. Hooked up in the outdoors

23. Climbed on a roof

24. Cheated on a test

25. Ridden in a helicopter

26. Had a one-night stand

27. Gone sky-diving

28. Gone axe-throwing

Hot Seat Questions

Never have I ever...

29. Shoplifted

30. Hitchhiked

31. Had a threesome

32. Regretted a piercing

33. Regretted a tattoo

34. Used my parents’ credit card

35. Been arrested

36. Dined and dashed

37. Drunk-texted my ex

38. Gotten into a physical fight

39. Sent a screenshot to the wrong person

40. Sent a nude to the wrong person

Remember: Neither you nor your crush have to respond to any questions, especially ones you feel uneasy about. The goal is to get more comfortable with your crush, not uncomfortable. Still, if you come up on an awkward moment, don't sweat it and move on. Your conversations with your crush just got way more interesting.