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Text Your Crush These Fun "Would You Rather" Questions


Striking up a conversation with your crush via text is a great way to see if you can get into a rhythm of regular communication. Unfortunately, making contact is only the first step in developing some rapport. In the beginning, keeping a convo going with someone you're still getting to know can be tricky. Luckily, there are plenty of fun strategies you can use to keep a chat from fizzling. Here are some juicy "would you rather" questions to text your crush if you want to get to know them better.

1. "Would you rather give a lap dance in public or get a lap dance in public?"

2. "Would you rather write a love letter or get a love letter?"

3. "Would you rather exchange a kiss under the stars or while watching the sunset?"

4. "Would you rather spend a snow day in with your crush, or lay on the beach with your crush?"

5. "Would you rather find true love or be rich?"

6. "Would you rather dress up and go clubbing or stay home in sweats?"

7. "Would you rather date someone with no emotions or a compulsive liar?"

8. "Would you rather talk to your crush in the morning when you wake up or in the evening before you go to bed?"

9. "Would you rather cook a meal together or have a meal cooked for you?"

10. "Would you rather watch the sunset or sunrise?"

11. "Would you rather go alone to see your favorite musician in concert or go to a BBQ with your closest friends?"


12. "Would you rather take a vow of celibacy or take a vow of silence?"

13. "Would you rather be happy and content but not achieve much or never be satisfied but achieve a lot?"

14. "Would you rather be the manager of a store with bad employees or be one of the bad employees?"

15. "Would you rather make the first move on a date or let your date make the first move?"

Sometimes, texting convos between you and your crush will be effortless, and something they'll require a bit of effort to maintain. Fortunately, there is an endless amount of fun "would you rather" scenarios that will keep you both laughing and engaged.