A best friend smiles on a laptop screen while making half of a heart and another friend completes it...

40 Insta Captions For Virtual Galentine's Day Pics With Your Long-Distance BFFs

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Not even distance can stand in the way of celebrating Galentine's Day with your long-distance besties. Whether you meet up online to have mocktails and apps together, or get all glammed up to sip and spill the tea, there will be many sweet moments and LOLs you'll want to capture for the 'gram. Thankfully, having these Instagram captions for virtual Galentine's Day pictures on hand will make posting a breeze.

A photo of one of your besties making one half of a heart on their side of the screen while you make the other half on your side will look sweet AF on your feed. You can even surround your laptop with candles and candy hearts for an adorable pic of your besties on the screen, and pair it with a virtual Galentine's Day caption like, "No matter where we are in the world, we're always surrounded by love." Or, have everyone blow kisses at the same time, and screenshot the moment. Post your pic with a caption like, "Blowing virtual kisses with the bests."

Not only will your followers get a kick out of your creative Galentine's Day photos, but your besties will smile when seeing your cute post, too. By pairing your snaps with any of these Instagram captions for virtual Galentine's Day celebrations, you won’t even feel like you’re miles apart.

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1. "The other half of my heart."

2. "Counting down until we're clinking glasses IRL again."

3. "Only a Zoom away."

4. "Spillin' some virtual tea with my besties."

5. "No matter where we are in the world, we're always surrounded by love."

6. "Sweet moments like this."

7. "Virtual love."

8. "Another perfect day online with my favorite people."

9. "Blowing virtual kisses with the bests."

10. "To the ones who can always make me laugh."

11. "Best time of the day is bestie time."

12. "Because these gals complete me."

13. "No other bunch I like spilling the tea with more."

14. "Missin' these people extra today."

15. "Mocktails and sheet masks from a distance."

16. "Cheers to never ignoring your FaceTime."

17. "Our love language is mocktails."

18. "Best dates are with the long-distance besties."

19. "My cheeks hurt from all this laughing."

20. "Zooming through the day until we get to chat again."

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21. "Toasting through the screen."

22. "Love you even more than the bubbly."

23. "The best humans ever."

24. "My favorite weirdos."

25. "At least I don't have to share my chocolates with you all this year."

26. "My BFFF: best friends FaceTiming forever."

27. "This crew makes every day in quarantine better."

28. "Partners may come and go, but this crew is forever."

29. "Different time zones can't stop us from partying... virtually."

30. "You'll never guess how long this Zoom lasted."

31. "Special times, even when we're far apart."

32. "Hugging all of you through the screen."

33. "We totally crushed this virtual Galentine's Day situation."

34. "This group's sweeter than a box of chocolates."

35. "Did I mention I miss you all?"

36. "We can't hug IRL, but we sure have fun."

37. "My squad, my Zoom."

38. "When you finally see your best friends."

39. "We laugh, we cry, we scream, we joke."

40. "Crushing on this bunch today."