A kitten wearing a Halloween costume stands next to some mini pumpkins.

These Captions For Your Kitten's Halloween Costume Are The Cat's Meow

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Sure, you can't wait to put on your own Halloween costume, but there's another costume you're even more pumped to see on All Hallows' Eve: your kitten's. Your adorable little fur baby looks absolutely purrfect in any getup, which is why you'll need of some Instagram captions for kitten costumes. Sometimes, it can be hard getting your active kitty to sit still for a snap, so make sure the caption is one that will make people stop and paws.

Picking out just one costume for your kitten is a true challenge. (Seriously, why is Halloween only one day?) If you got a little carried away with shopping, plan an at-home photoshoot with your kitten wearing all their costumes. Make sure to set the scene with some pumpkin decor and festive treats. You could even do an Instagram Reel video as your kitten switches between their costumes.

Perhaps you planned a group costume with your kitty. You should capture a family photo on the couch of you two together. Set up a self-timer, and let your camera capture the cuddliest Halloween picture you've ever seen. Once you choose your fave snaps of the bunch, post with any of these 40 adorable captions for kitten Halloween costumes.

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1. "Name a more purrfect kitty. I'll wait."

2. "We're not kitten around when it comes to Halloween."

3. "Did someone say treat?"

4. "Happy Meow-oween!"

5. "Every good witch needs their cat."

6. "Who said black cats were the only ones allowed to celebrate Halloween?"

7. "Don't worry, this black cat on your feed is good luck on Halloween."

8. "The cutest kitten in the litter."

9. "When black cats prowl and pumpkins gleam, may luck be yours on Halloween."

10. "Looking pawsitively spooky."

11. "Hope you have a pawsome Halloween."

12. "No treats?! You've got to be kitten me right meow."

13. "Too cute to spook."

14. "Have a furry cute Halloween."

15. "I'm a mouse, duh." — Mean Girls

16. "No treats on Halloween is just clawful."

17. "Fabulous feline."

18. "This costume is fur real cute."

19. "I'm very fur-tunate to spend Halloween with you."

20. "I'm got a spooky feline about this place."

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21. "This costume is very claw-ver. Don't you think?"

22. "I've got a spooky tail to tell."

23. "How do you like these cat eyes?"

24. "Purrhaps there's a ghost in our midst."

25. "There's a pawsibility this place is haunted."

26. "I can't wait to spend Halloween with my best fur-end."

27. "Isn't my kitty just purr-ty?"

28. "Cat-ch those Halloween vibes."

29. "Felt cute. Might go take a Halloween cat nap later."

30. "This is litter-ally the cutest Halloween costume ever."

31. "You poor un-fur-tunate soul!"

32. "You're being hiss-terical. There's no such thing as ghosts."

33. "My kitty wants Halloween treats right meow!"

34. "Paws for a second, and admire my kitty in their costume."

35. "Paw-don me, but have you ever seen a kitten so cute?"

36. "Only cool cats allowed at this pawty."

37. "The paw-er of a great Halloween costume."

38. "My kitten's got Halloween cat-titude."

39. "I'm dressed as a cool cat."

40. "My kitten's got pumpkin to talk about."