4 Unique Things To Do For Spring Break With Your Crew If You Love Astrology

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Pack your bags, because you're about to spend your spring break amongst the planets. If you're absolutely obsessed with astrology, you've probably been wondering how you should spend your week away from school. You've looked to the stars for a sign, hoping that the universe will come up with something more than unreal for you and your friend crew — but the struggle continues to be so real. Don't stress, because there are so many unique things to do for spring break that will totally speak to you and your love for all things celestial.

Somewhere tropical sounded nice at first, but your soul is in the sky, and you'd rather have a moment with the moon over some sunscreen. You've spent your whole semester so far reaching for the stars and getting the best grades. It's time you celebrate, and do it in the most celestial of ways. If you're a Sagittarius, you're probably still looking to jet set somewhere in the world. If you're an Aquarius, then you're so ready to do something different. And if you're a Pisces, you've probably already gone off the grid.

I've come up with #unique things you can do this spring break with your crew if you just can't get enough of astrology. Call it good karma, but this week is yours to spend however you may choose, and you don't need to call in a teller to inspire these travels.

See The Northern Lights In Alaska
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Bright lights aren't just in the big cities. This spring break you'll want to travel a bit up north to see a once in a lifetime light show. Denali National Park in Alaska is one of the most prime spots to see this sight, so I'm very sorry if you were hoping to surround yourself with some summer vibes.

Bundling up in blanket scarves will be totally worth it, though, when you see this wonder of the natural world. This incredibly stunning light show is a total glow-up and perfect getaway for you and your crew this week. Be sure to pack your camera, though photos might not quite do it justice.

Sleep Under The Stars In A National Park
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Spend your week following your wanderlust and stargaze in a national park. If you're looking for a week's worth of warmer weather, I highly suggest hitting up a spot like Joshua Tree National Park in California, or the Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona — both of which have been certified by the International Dark Sky Association. A star lover like you will love setting up a tent for a night or two and sleeping beneath the night sky.

Find the constellations that correlate to your individual star sign and let everything fall right back into perspective. School can be stressful, but it's made better when we take a minute to look up and realize how insignificant that midterm was in the long run.

Go To The Griffith Observatory In Los Angeles, California
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If you're taking a road trip along the California coast, you should absolutely stop at the Griffith Observatory for some time well spent with the stars. This spot is most recently known as the location where those magical scenes from La La Land were shot. We watched Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone get out of this world, and you can do the same on your spring break.

With incredible views of Los Angeles, the observatory has public telescopes that will surely transport you into the clear night sky of Southern California. See a live show at the planetarium, or hit up one of the Saturday star parties if you want to be surrounded by people who share your passion for the sky.

Have A Star-Studded Spring Break Party
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"Stay wild, moon child." When we think of spring break, we often think of a week spent living it up in a tropical place. Sure, chilling with the sand and surf could be totally cathartic. But, you'd rather spend your break looking toward the sky.

Celebrate a week off with your crew with a cozy night in and moon-inspired cocktails (if you're 21 and up). Maybe you'll go all out and throw a whole personalized zodiac party, full with tarot card readings and cupcakes decorated with your star signs. Break out the tea leaves as well, and let the universe speak a bit to your soul. You'll leave this spring break feeling a little more refreshed by all the interstellar inspiration.