These 7 Unconventional Spring Break Ideas Are Way Too Sweet To Pass Up

Spring break has acquired its own identity over the years. It's supposed to be a party on a beach somewhere with your friends, and if you're 21 and up, booze has definitely scored an invite. But what if you want to venture away from what's expected and fulfill your own unconventional spring break ideas that are still totally fun. It's worth a shot, right?

Just because it's not everyone's go-to plan, that doesn't mean it isn't worth doing. During spring break, people flock to where the crowds are and that's not a horrible idea, but why go down the path always trekked? Exploring out of the ordinary activities for spring break will make you a trendsetter. You'll also feel super proud that you laid down a plan and did it.

Spring break is exactly that — a break from reality for a bit. And your break doesn't have to be outlined by what the norm is. Where's the fun in that? It's your time to break away and find amazing things to do that you can talk about later when you have to head back to school. While class is out of session for this well-deserved break of yours, try tweaking your plans a little bit and make it a spring break you'll never forget.

Explore Your Closest Coast By Train
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Amtrak has amazing coastal trips and even a coast-to-coast option. You'll be able to see what your side of the U.S. has to offer in some major cities. Yes, you'll also be able to get off and really explore these new places that you may have been close to but never visited.

Take A Drawing Class Sketching Nude Models
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Are you into the arts and want to try something new? Drawing nude models might be something different for you, but you'll be guided by a teacher and it'll be cool to see how everyone interprets the same body. Hey, how many people will actually be able to say they did this during spring break?

Enjoy The Photographer's Dream Package In Charleston, South Carolina
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You definitely weren't going to leave your camera behind during spring break, and with this photography-infused package, you'll make so much good use of it. The Photographer's Dream Package in Charleston includes a photography tour veered towards your interest.

Want to capture more than beaches and bathing suits this spring break? You've got other options, and they're stunning.

Plan A Glamping Trip With Your Girls
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OK, maybe glamping doesn't have to involve the beach per say, but it will still be a fun time with your girls. You can rent a cabin or rough it out with tents. Either way, you guys are spending your spring break with each other and straying away from the ordinary.

Volunteer Some Of Your Time
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Volunteering is important, and if you have a lot of time to spare during spring break, the best gift you can give anyone is your time. Whether you go to an animal shelter or an elderly home, your presence will be more than appreciated. Besides, even after you finish volunteering, you'll still have more time left over.

Go On A Road Trip To Wherever You End Up
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Spring break is about freedom. It's about feeling like for that whole week you have regained a portion of your life back that is unhindered by school and all that comes with it. Going on a road trip without a real destination will have your wanderlust senses tingling and the rest of you ready to explore.

Have A 'Harry Potter' Movie Marathon Party
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Harry Potter and the magical addiction that comes with it will never get old. And since you are going to have so much free time, having a movie marathon is perfect for you and friends who share the same interest. You can even make it a potluck type of thing. It'll be your own variation of partying your accio off.

In college, you'll get few spring breaks, and you'll innovate along the way. Each year doesn't have to be like the last.