4 Texts To Send Friends When You're Going Through A Breakup & Need Support

Most people who've had to cope with the end of a relationship know how hard it can be to get through it. When you're in the midst of healing the wounds left behind from a relationship that didn't work out, chances are you're definitely going to need the support of your friends. In situations like these, having texts to send friends when you're going through a breakup can be really helpful.

For some people, myself included, asking for emotional support can be really tough. Even though shutting out the world might seem very tempting, you should never feel bad about reaching out to your friends for help when you need it. After all, part of being a good friend is being there for your peeps when they're going through a rough patch. So, it's totally OK to expect your crew to be there for you when times get tough. Plus, in addition to having people to vent to, spending time hanging with your besties can be a great way to get your mind off of your ex. If making your needs known doesn't come naturally to you, here are some texts you can send your friends when you're feeling low.

The Let's Hang Text
Hey [insert friend name], how are you? Honestly, I've been a bit of a hermit since the breakup, but I would love to see you! Let me know when you're free, and we can meet for [coffee/dinner/a movie].

This text is great because it's casual, but also lets the reader know you'd like some company without sounding needy. That said, it's totally normal to have needs, and being able to express them to your friends directly can make your expectations a bit clearer. However, some people prefer a less direct approach.

The I Need To Vent Text
Hey [insert friend name], are you free later? No worries if not. I've just been trying to work through all of the emotions that are coming to the surface, and it would really help to have someone to talk to.

It's no secret that breakups often involve a ton of venting. Talking with a friend, family member, therapist, or any combination of the three can be really helpful. It's also important to know that being on the receiving end of endless venting can be really exhausting. So, it might be a good idea to have a few different outlets you can talk to so you don't overload any one person.

The Feeling Lonely Text
Hey [insert friend name], how's your day going? I'm doing OK, but have been feeling a bit lonely since the breakup. Maybe we can get together this weekend?

We all experience loneliness sometimes, and although it can feel like an embarrassing thing to admit, being honest with your support system about your feelings is key.

The Drunk Text
Hey [insert friend name], went out for a drink which turned into several, sorry not sorry! Was so tempted to text [your ex's name], but already know I'd regret it. Anyways, how was your day?

I am a huge advocate of drunk texting friends whenever you get the urge to text an ex. Seriously, nothing good usually comes from reaching out to an ex when you've been drinking. So, why not hit up your BFF instead?

Breakups are definitely no joke. One of the only things that make them bearable is friends and family. The next time you consider suffering in silence, just remember that there are people out there who care about you. So, don't hesitate to rally up some support when you need it.