4 Signs Your SO Respects Your Mom, Because They Know Who You Call For Advice

by Korey Lane

There are a lot of little things that happen when you're in a relationship that might not seem like a big deal at first. But then, you realize how significant they are. For example, the first time your partner calls you a pet name, or the first time you split a check instead of one of you treating the other. But another little relationship milestone is when you notice that your partner enjoys spending time with your parents. (Which is definitely possible, believe it or not.) The signs your SO respects your mom aren't just heartwarming — they're super important if she's a big part of your life.

The thing is, if you're close to your mom in any way, it's probably important to you that your partner respects them. Sure, you might not be as BFF close as Lorelai and Rory Gilmore, but you still might trust, love, confide in, and have an overall special bond with your mom that any good partner should support and admire.

You might be a little nervous when your partner and your mother first meet, and that's totally valid. But if your SO and your mom end up really liking each other, you might find yourself looking for signs that your SO respects momma almost as much as (if not more than) you do.

They make an effort to be helpful.

According to Anita A. Chlipala, relationship and dating expert and author of First Comes Us: The Busy Couple's Guide To Lasting Love, there are definitely signs to look out for that your partner respects your mom. First of all, "see if they go out of their way to be sweet or helpful," Chlipala tells Elite Daily. "For example, they bring a bottle of wine when they come over for dinner, or help clean up or wash dishes afterwards. They bring flowers during a special occasion like her birthday or an important holiday."

If your partner is thoughtful and caring when it comes to your mom, chances are they hold her in high regard.

Your partner cares about your mom.

Another indication that your partner genuinely respects your mom is that they enjoy time with her and want to know how she has been lately. "They ask about how she's doing and really are interested in what's going on in her life," Chlipala tells Elite Daily.

Basically, if your partner wants to know what's been going on with your mom and even asks about specific details about her life, then they're probably pretty invested and respect them.

They value her opinion.

For the most part, children tend to value the opinions of their parents. Sure, you might not always listen to what they have to say and might occassionally still roll your eyes, but a sure sign of respect is caring about what someone has to say on any given topic.

According to Chlipala, a partner who respects your mom "might ask for her advice too." Maybe not about everything, and maybe not all the time, but if your partner asks your mom what she thinks about a situation they're in, it means they respect her.

Your partner speaks about your mom in a respectable manner.

According to Céline Sauvet, dating and relationship expert, a pretty easy way to see if your partner respects your mother is to just "Listen to how your partner speaks about your mom," Sauvet tells Elite Daily. "Look at what he suggests and does for her. Maybe just a little attention can go a long way."

It's important to remember that respect takes time. You can't expect your partner to deeply respect your mom after they've only met her once, says Sauvet.

She suggests you "do not try to dream about the kind of relationship you would like your partner to have with your mom," she says. "Let go of your ideal to let them create their own, unique, magical bond."

Truly, it's a great feeling to be with someone who respects your mother, but those things take time, and there's nothing wrong with that.

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