If You & Your Mom Have A Relationship Like Lorelai & Rory, You're Lucky In These 7 Ways

When you think about iconic relationships from your favorite TV shows, Lorelai and Rory's in Gilmore Girls likely tops the list. If you loved the show as much as I did growing up, you believed Lorelai was a #CoolMom, and loved the close relationship she had with Rory. As a matter of fact, if you and your mom have a relationship like Lorelai and Rory, you probably watched the show together (and when you did, it was like looking in a mirror).

You understand the movie night traditions, sharing clothes, and daily coffee breaks, because they ring true to the things you do with your mom on the regular. You feel beyond #blessed to have such a special relationship with her, because you can relate to these seven particularly awesome things.

Your mom is fun to hang out with, but she's also the best support system when you need her the most. (You get the best of both worlds when it comes to having your very own Lorelai Gilmore.) Now, all I want to do is have my mom with me, order some pizza, and start streaming Gilmore Girls on Netflix, because, "Oy with the poodles already," I love the Lorelai to my Rory tremendously.

You Talk To Her About Anything And Everything
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When I say, "everything," I really mean everything. There is nothing you can't go to your mom to talk about. Whether it's dating advice, relationship woes, or just the daily work struggles, she will let you vent it all. Then, she'll be there to offer that wonderful motherly advice you need, and probably a cup of coffee, too.

You Have The Best Mother-Daughter Traditions
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When you live in a town like Stars Hollow, there's a lot of fun to be had with every festival, dance marathon, and fair — but my favorite was actually all of the mother-daughter traditions Lorelai and Rory had. I wished I could be part of their themed movie nights with endless snacks. Those movie nights remind you of your favorite traditions with your mom, and how you can't wait to kick the next one off.

You Speak Your Own Language That No Outsider Could Truly Understand
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Sometimes, it was difficult to understand what the Gilmore girls were talking about, because they never failed to deliver an endless supply of pop culture references. (Not to mention, the fast talking that I guess everyone in Stars Hollow was born with.) You and your mom may not have an encyclopedic knowledge of every movie, TV show, and celebrity known to mankind, but you have your very own special language that people try to decipher.

You Have The Same True Love, Which Is Coffee

When it comes to the Gilmore girls, we all know that coffee is a must. I even got my love of coffee from watching this show, because I wanted to be just like Lorelai and Rory. It may not be coffee for you, but you and your mom have a few favorite foods you love to share.

You Always Know Exactly What To Get Each Other For Gifts
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Real talk: You guys are total pros at shopping for each other. Some people are just like Emily when it comes to buying gifts, and you end up with something you politely smile at and say, "Thank you." However, your mom is a Lorelai, and she knows you better than you even know yourself at times. That's what makes her the best gift giver on the planet.

You Borrow Each Other's Clothes, Because You Have The Same Taste

Many people say that having a sister is the greatest, because you get to share clothes. However, you get to do that with your mom. What's hers is yours, and therefore, you have not only one, but two closets to dig through for gems.

There's No Doubt She's Your Best Friend

When someone asks you who your best friend is, there's no hesitation before you say your mom. She's your favorite person to hang out with, the first person you call in an emergency, and your role model. She is everything and so much more, and that is why, just like Rory, your mom is your best friend.