7 Cutest Places In The U.S. You Need To Visit If You Love 'Gilmore Girls'

Fall is around the corner, and that's usually the time of year when I dive deep into the world of Gilmore Girls and re-watch all the seasons. It's a tradition I started for myself — and now it's been made easier, thanks to Netflix — because there's just something about the fall that makes me want to revisit Stars Hollow. It's a small town with so much charm, and I wish I could visit it for real. Unfortunately, the real Stars Hollow doesn't exist, but there are some places to visit if you love Gilmore Girls that are located all over the United States.

According to The A.V. Club, it was actually Amy Sherman-Palladino's vacation in Connecticut that gave her the inspiration to put the characters we all know and love in a quaint, small town environment. A last-minute end of summer vacay to any of these seven destinations might provide you with some creative inspiration for your next project, or it'll just give you tons of cute pics for the 'Gram. Take the trip with your favorite Gilmore Girls bestie, and don't forget to snag a pic in the local diner, shopping for vintage items, and taking part in the town's festivities. Sounds like so much fun that I may tag along, because after all, "Where you lead, I will follow."

Kent, Connecticut: For The 'Gilmore Girls' Fan Fest
Abby Berard/YouTube

For the diehard Gilmore Girls fan, you need to add Kent, Connecticut to your travel bucket list for the Gilmore Girls Fan Fest in October. This celebration of all-things Gilmore includes fun activities, guest stars from the show, and gives you a chance to escape to a Connecticut small town just like Stars Hollow for the weekend. While you're there, plan to stop by the Fife 'n Drum Restaurant and Inn for lunch or dinner, and it'll be like you're having a meal at the Dragonfly Inn made by Sookie.

New Milford, Connecticut: To Snap A Pic In A Cute Gazebo
Dave King/YouTube

If you're looking for a small town with an adorable gazebo, head to New Milford, Connecticut. The iconic gazebo in the show is where Jess and Dean fought over Rory's basket, and where Luke and Lorelai finally got married. (I'm not crying, you're crying.)

Anyway, if you're looking for a charming destination with a gazebo right in the heart and soul of the town, New Milford is the place to go. You can even recreate some of these memorable scenes for a few Insta snaps of your own.

Litchfield, Connecticut: To Go Antique Shopping
Amy Do/YouTube

Most of these Connecticut small towns are close enough that you could plan out a Gilmore Girls road trip with your besties this fall, making pits stops at each one of these places. After Kent and New Milford, you need to add Litchfield, Connecticut to your list as well.

The green in the center of town will give you major Stars Hollow vibes, and you can walk along a little strip of shops next to it looking for some antique items worthy of Mrs. Kim's shop.

Fredericksburg, TX: For Stars Hollow Vibes In The South

Looking outside of Connecticut, there are some cute AF places to visit that will still give you the same exact Stars Hollow charm you're looking for. If you happen to be in Texas, take a day trip to visit Fredericksburg. You can walk along the strip of shops to visit The Fredericksburg General Store or even The Fredericksburg Christmas Store if you love winter just as much as Lorelai.

Traverse City, MI: For The Charming Festivities

If you're looking to go shopping on your Stars Hollow-themed trip, Traverse City in Michigan has a strip of streets with cute boutiques and cafes for you and your bestie to walk around like you're Rory and Lorelai. Also, if you happen to be in Traverse in August, each Friday evening, a “Friday Night Live" block party takes place, much like a festival Taylor Doose would have planned for the people of Stars Hollow.

Cocoa Village, FL: To Stop In Your Very Own Luke's Diner
Tami Hatten/YouTube

Cocoa Village in Florida was my equivalent of Stars Hollow's small town charm growing up. The historic city has lots of boutiques and cafes to stop in as you walk along the streets lined with trees. Stop in Ossorio Bakery and Cafe for some coffee if you love it just as much as Lorelai and Rory. It'll be like your very own Luke's Diner.

Carmel-By-The-Sea, CA: To Eat A Meal Sookie Would Be Proud Of
Mark Bruno/YouTube

For those of us on the West Coast, we can still find a little bit of Stars Hollow in Carmel-by-the-Sea in California. This beach destination has that charming vibe with its cute shops and bed and breakfasts. Stop in the Pine Inn for dinner that tastes like Sookie herself made it just for you. As you walk along the downtown, get a pic of you and your BFF window shopping, just like Lorlelai and Rory.