The signs your partner is going to propose on Thanksgiving can be subtle.
4 Signs Your SO's Going To Propose On Thanksgiving, No Wishbone Needed


Thanksgiving isn’t just a time for reuniting with your nearest and dearest and feasting on a hearty meal — it’s actually a pretty popular time to pop the question. And luckily, searching high and low for a suspicious jewelry box isn’t the only way to tell whether or not your boo has a romantic scheme up their sleeve. As the holiday approaches, you can also look out for certain signs your partner is going to propose on Thanksgiving.

You’re bound to see countless “I get to marry my best friend!” posts and engagement ring selfies around the holidays. In fact, according to the Brides American Wedding Study, a whopping 28% of women got engaged on a holiday or other special occasion in 2018, compared to just 12% in 2017. That doesn’t just include Christmas, New Years, and Valentine’s Day, either. Many people opt to propose on Thanksgiving, as well, and with good reason. Think about it: It’s a holiday that centers around gratitude. So, if bae is feeling thankful that they found “The One,” they may very well use that theme as an opportunity to propose. Plus, the people who matter most to you are conveniently there to celebrate.

“Thanksgiving is a pretty popular time to propose because the family is all together,” Susan Trombetti, matchmaker and CEO of Exclusive Matchmaking, tells Elite Daily. “If you want to do it in front of your or your SO’s loved ones, it’s perfect.”

Starting to suspect that your boo is planning a Thanksgiving proposal? Then keep your eyes peeled for these signs that you’ll have a serious question to ponder this holiday (aside from whether you want a second serving of pumpkin pie, of course).

They've been prying about your Thanksgiving plans.

According to Maria Sullivan, dating expert and VP of, if your significant other has seemed extra curious about your Thanksgiving plans, especially months in advance, then they may have a proposal in the works.

To pull off their plan, they’ll obviously need to have a handle on where and how you’re spending the holiday. Also, if they start prying about the specifics, that could be an even stronger hint that they’re plotting something. For example, they might want to know exactly who’s going to be at the celebration, and when you typically have dinner.

Of course, if they’re spending the holiday with your family for the first time, they may just want to prepare themselves ahead of time. But their curiosity might also be because they’re trying to figure out the logistics of their proposal.

They seem adamant about heading home for the holiday.

You’d be fine with going the friendsgiving route or doing a casual celebration on your own, but your boo has been pushing to head home for the holidays. According to Trombetti, that’s another sign they may be planning to ask you to marry them.

Also, if bae seems to be taking the planning on themselves, booking flights and arranging for your families to meet on the holiday, that’s another hint worth paying attention to. It could suggest that they’re trying to make sure the holiday sets the perfect scene for a romantic milestone.

Thanksgiving is shaping up to be more elaborate this year.

Typically, your Thanksgiving is pretty low-key, but this year, siblings, aunts and uncles, and other people who don’t typically make it to the festivities are planning on coming to your family’s celebration. Trombetti notes that if loved ones who you don’t normally see on this holiday are making it a point to be present, it may be because they know a proposal is coming.

They've been communicating with your loved ones.

If bae has been calling and texting your parents (or theirs) more than they usually do in the months leading up to the holidays, it could be because they’re trying to get some details about Thanksgiving so that they can plan their proposal accordingly. After all, it’s a lot less suspicious if they get the information they need from your families than if they ask you lots of questions.

Speaking of sneaky behavior, Trombetti says that if you noticed bae texting your bestie, or you found out they hung out recently, that may be because they were looking for guidance on your ring size and style preferences before they go shopping for a rock.

There are other explanations for all of these signs besides an impending engagement, of course, so none of them guarantees that your partner has secret plans for the holiday. That said, they all point to the fact that this Thanksgiving is shaping up to be special or different in some way, which either means there's a proposal is in the works, or that your turkey day is going to be memorable AF.