4 Sex Positions Taureans Will Love, So Saddle Up

Loyal Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac, ruled by Venus — the planet of love and beauty. Symbolized by the bull, Tauruses are earth signs known for their dependability. Determined and diligent, they like nice things and don't mind putting in the work for them. Though their dislike for change can be seen as stubborn to others, Taurus is ultimately drawn to stability. Perhaps that's why these sex positions Taureans will love center around bringing the heat by building comfort and connection with a partner.

"Tauruses like to feel their partner and connect with them on a deep physical level. This means noses touching, tender kisses, and eyes locking during sex — on the best silky sheets," astrologer Lisa Stardust, tells Elite Daily. You can dress your luscious Bull up with kisses and tickling to start foreplay. Remember, you will most def spoon all night after sex." Don't let the horns fool you, Taurus is a soft creature that loves to be held. Ensuring plenty of time for foreplay, Taurus typically don't jump into anything — especially sex.

Liking the nicer things in life, these four sex positions are sure to send your Taurus over the moon.

Set The ~Mood~
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Taurus likes luxury. From soft blankets to good food, they want the best life can offer. "Mood setting is extremely important for Taurus. Fine wine, good food, with low lighting like candlelight and sweet music will start off the Taurus in an amorous mood," astrologer Cindy Mckean says. "So long the five senses are satisfied, the mood is set right for a Taurus." The best sex with Taurus can start with setting the mood. If you've had a wonderful dinner or just did had a fun dreamy date, try lighting some candles, dimming the lights, and putting on some sexy tunes.

Full On Foreplay

Keeping it slow and steady, the best sex for Taurus comes often after some serious foreplay. Touching and connecting before having sex allows Taurus to feel comfortable and steady with their partner, and to fully experience the fun. "Taurus will definitely like foreplay before sex. Lots of hugs and kisses, preceded and followed by light flirting will send the Taurus soaring," Mckean says. "Taurus will love to cuddle after sex." Earth signs, Taurus are very tactile beings that appreciate being held.

Classic Missionary

With a "if it's not broke, don't fix it" mentality, Taurus may be into classic missionary, switching off who is on top. "Taurus won't mind at all if their partner takes the lead, so long the partner is not prone to being overly dominant," Mckean says. Enjoying connection during sex, missionary allows Taurus to face their partner and really feel their feelings. "Tauruses like to lock eyes with their partners, the perfect position is missionary," Stardust says. "This will allow them to connect with their partner on a soulful and sensual level."

Cowgirl/Cowboy/Genderless Cowperson

Of course, stability doesn't mean unexciting. Taurus may like to keep it comfortable, but they also like to turn it up. Any variation of the cowgirl/cowboy/genderless cow-person, with the receiving partner on top either facing or facing away from the penetrating partner may really do it for Taurus. "Like any bull, Tauruses like to be ridden, which is why this is their favorite sex position! It reminds them of life on the range! Saddle up!" Stardust says. When giving the receiving partner the reins, any variation of cow-person position can really make it for Taurus.

When it comes to getting it on, for dependable Taurus — comfort is key. Setting the mood, having lots of foreplay, and focusing on connection will really serve the bull well.