4 Sex Positions Aries Will Love, Because They Pack A Major Punch

It's no wonder that fiery Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. From school to work, to in between the sheets, Aries likes to be number one at all they do. Perhaps that's why the sex positions Aries will love pack a major punch. Represented by the ram and ruled by Mars, the planet mostly associated with sex and aggression, Aries is a fire sign that likes to be known as such. "Aries love to be the best at everything! This does not exclude the bedroom," astrologer Lisa Stardust tells Elite Daily. "Known for their impulsive bravado and sensuality, the ram will knock boots anywhere, anytime, and anyplace with the object of their desire."

With a tendency to keep things hot, fiery Aries are cardinal, or reacting signs. Aries are natural leaders, trendsetters and party starters — which translates into some pretty hot sex. "'Spicy' is definitely the right word for Aries! Aries is fiesty! They love it hot, super red burn the bed hot," astrologer Cindy Mckean adds. "They definitely like to take the lead. They like to be on top or in control, but they enjoy someone equally as feisty."

Here are four sex moves for Aries that will totally turn up the heat.

Playful Bondage

From blindfolds to handcuffs, playful bondage may be the key to Aries' sex life. "With Mars as their ruling planet, they are inclined to rough sex," Mckean says. "Open to playful bondage, Aries dominates in the bedroom." Of course, when trying new things like bondage it's imperial to talk to your partner before doing any actions. The key to exploring is consent and healthy boundaries — having a safe word or establishing what you are comfortable trying is paramount is making sure everyone is on the same page. If you and your boo are open and excited to bring some rough play into the bedroom, some gentle spanking or tying each other up may really light your Aries fire.


As any old time beauty icon will show us (like Sophia Loren, my dream girl) keeping things classic is sometimes the sexiest thing you can do. When it comes to the red hot ram, classic missionary may be it. "Aries are more 'meat and potatoes' type of creatures. They like simplistic and animalistic sex, hence their lust for the missionary position," Stardust says. Keeping it classic with missionary allows Aries to really let their horns fly.

Sensual Head Massages

Wearing their horns as their crown, it's no wonder Aries respond well to getting their heads massaged during sex. "Aries love to have their heads rubbed. The ram rules the head, and it will get Aries hot — making them ready to burn down the house and tear off their clothes. This is the best method of foreplay for Aries," Stardust says. Stimulating their head may make an Aries feel totally sexy.

In Front Of A Mirror
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If you've watched porn, or if you've been to a fun theme hotel with a heart-shaped tub, you may be familiar with having sex under a mirrored ceiling. Of course, this can be recreated at home as well, by getting it on in front of a mirror or incorporating mirrors into the bedroom. "Aries adore themselves, which is why this position is a no-brainer. Not only can they fully enjoy the ecstasy of their sensual delights, but they get to look up and have a view of their favorite person — themselves," Stardust says. Keeping their eyes on the prize — themselves — having sex in front of a mirror may be the best way to get an Aries feeling good.

When it comes to having sex, Aries like to be large and in charge. Try incorporating some head massages, playful bondage, or mirrors for the ram to really soar. Rest assured, whether you're a fiery Aries, or you're lucky enough to get to sleep with one — turning up the heat in bedroom will come pretty naturally.