10 Misconceptions You Probably Have About The Aries In Your Life

Have you felt fire smoldering all around you? A ceaseless energy pulling you back and forth, left and right? That’s because since Mar. 20, we’ve been surrounded by the flames of Aries season. The ram of the zodiac is an unstoppable force of nature. Those born under this sign harness all the wildness in the world, their skin taut with the immense power they contain. If they’re not careful, they could burst at any moment. Their roaring spirit is unmistakable and in a field of weeds, they’re a colorful and soaring wildflower. With famous Aries such as Robert Downey Jr., Lady Gaga, and Reese Witherspoon, there’s no doubt that you’re lucky if you know one. All the misconceptions about Aries are just white noise.

While their daring and courageous nature earns them praise wherever they go, it also causes them to be one of the most misunderstood signs in all the zodiac. Some fear them. Others avoid them at all costs. They wonder: How can someone have so much energy? How can someone possibly be so fearless? In their eyes, their uninhibited personality isn’t admirable. It’s a liability — something that cannot be trusted.

However, just because you don’t understand something doesn’t make it wrong. If you’ve never considered that an Aries may actually know the secret to living life to the fullest, you should. They’re moving a lot faster than the rest of us. If you’ve just discovered something, it’s likely that an Aries discovered it first. If you believe any of these misconceptions about them, then me and my Aries Mars are here to set the record straight:

They’re snobs

It's true that a low-functioning Aries may exude arrogance. However, their greatest overall strength is their unbreakable confidence. This doesn't mean they believe they're better than everyone else. It doesn't mean they think they're perfect either. Quite the contrary: Their confidence stems from a core of self-love — warts and all. An Aries loves themselves like they're their own best friend.

They’re quick to anger

Contrary to popular belief, an Aries is a highly sensitive creature. Their emotions wash over them at a moment's notice and they cannot be subdued. While it doesn't take much to make them angry, it takes just as little to make them happy. If an Aries is mad at you, it's only because they can't tell a lie. Their honesty allows everyone to air out their frustrations. Why bottle everything up?

They love getting into fights

OK, so maybe this isn't exactly a "misconception." However, I think people still misunderstand why an Aries might be so attracted to conflict.

They're constantly pickaxing away at the truth. Direct and to the point, they're mature enough to understand that controversy is unavoidable in life. In fact, controversy is the perfect habitat for growth. An Aries knows that nothing meaningful ever happens while everyone's too afraid to say what they really mean. It's during a heated moment that they feel most alive. An Aries wants everyone to just lay it all out on the table.

They lose interest quickly

They may have a reputation for losing interest in relationships and projects but it doesn't come from a shallow place. An Aries is surprisingly tuned-in to their gut instincts and they always trust the whims of their intuition. If they sense that a relationship is going nowhere, they'll walk away. If they begin to realize a project isn't panning out well, they'll abandon it and move on to something else. An Aries is always on the move and they simply hate wasting time. They don't want to waste yours, either.

They’re selfish

Just because an Aries puts their needs first doesn't necessarily make them selfish. They're simply guarding their energy from toxic outside forces. If they sense someone is depleting their worth, they'll pull back. If an Aries feels like a situation isn't best for them, they'll quickly remove themselves from it.

Every other sign in the zodiac can learn something from the way Aries takes are of themselves. They never compromise their values, nor do they ignore their deepest needs. In a society that makes everyone feel like self-destructing, an Aries stands strong.

They think they know everything

A little healthy competition never hurt anyone, right? It's what motivates an Aries to go after their wildest dreams! However, despite what people think, an Aries doesn't compete with others. Instead, they compete against themselves.

While a low-functioning Aries might give in to comparing themselves to everyone else, an Aries at their best is simply striving to become a better person. In order for them to do that, they must acknowledge their shortcomings and work harder. An Aries knows that.

They’re reckless & impulsive

Alright, so this isn't exactly a lie. However, it is a lie that an Aries loves setting everything they touch on fire. They're not ticking time-bombs, as some would like to think.

The thing is, an Aries is just as open-hearted as they are energetic. They can't sit still with their desires — they need to set them free and make an impact. Otherwise, they might implode.

While it would be nice if they could think twice before acting on their impulses, that would just ruin everything great about them. An Aries stirs the pot when things get boring. They lighten things up when the world is stagnant and dreary. Everything would be a lot more dull without this fire sign.

They love bossing people around

While a low-functioning Aries might act like they're the boss of everyone, a true Aries is a natural leader. A great leader doesn't control their subjects. Instead, they protect, encourage, and strengthen them. They feel a sweeping urge to take all their loved ones under their wing, to lead them to safety, to show them the world. That's what an Aries is really all about.

They’re rude

I'll just come right out and say it: An Aries has no filter. They often have no tact and they tend to say the first thing that enters their mind. This might alienate others who find their caustic nature imposing (maybe even offensive). However, this is what makes an Aries so reliable. An Aries? Reliable? I didn't stutter.

You'll never be in the dark about their feelings. You'll never have to wonder whether they're on your side or not. Trust me, if they've got beef with you, you'll know it.

They can dish it out but they can't take it

While they might act offended if you're a little too honest with them, they will come to admire you for it. An Aries grows tired of people who don't challenge them. You'll find your Aries yawning if you keep agreeing with everything they say. It's true, they do take everything personally but they get over it fast. At that point, they've gained a whole new level of respect for you.