4 MBTI Personality Types That Are The Luckiest In Love

Why is it that some people seem to have endlessly fulfilling love lives? (Like c'mon, Karen, leave some romantic bliss for the rest of us, will you?) While dating is seemingly a total struggle bus for some — it's effortlessly exciting for others. And as it turns out, your personality type has a lot to do with this. It totally makes sense, too, when you consider how much your personality impacts your relationships, from how you interact on first dates to how you deal with personal conflict. The Myers-Briggs personality types that are the luckiest in love are the ones who have strong communication skills, a willingness to open up emotionally, a keen awareness of their others’ needs, and a growth mindset.

Of course, every MBTI personality type has its own strengths that come in handy when it comes to dating. And ultimately, being lucky in love means finding the right fit — that person who perfectly compliments all of your unique qualities, challenges you, and brings out the best in you. That said, certain personality types may be more inclined to find happiness while dating than others. Wondering where you stand? Here are some of the MBTI types that make falling in love look easy peasy.

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Confident, charismatic, and creative, this personality type is undeniably magnetic, which means getting a date probably isn’t much of a problem. Most importantly, however, ENTJs enjoy goal-setting and are always striving to improve themselves in any and every way they can, which means that their relationships will often naturally evolve in a positive way.

The Commander approaches everything they do with enthusiasm, and dating is no different — they’re super commitment-oriented and endlessly affectionate. Because they put a lot of energy into their relationships, they tend to get a lot back from them, too. While some personality types may avoid conflict like the plague, ENTJs embrace arguments and confrontations as an opportunity to grow.

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This personality type boasts an advantageous dating superpower: An incredibly sharp intuition that allows them to quickly and easily assess their partner’s needs, desires, mood, and feelings — and respond accordingly. That means they’re super skilled at connecting on a deep level with whoever they’re dating. Protagonists also aren’t afraid to continually check in with their SO to evaluate how things are going, which helps to minimize conflict (which they despise) and provide an open forum to air out any issues before they escalate.

ENFJs are also incredibly loyal, and their communication skills are off the charts. Plus, they’ll go above and beyond for their partner, whether it means letting them vent after a long work day, sending an encouraging text before a big meeting, or cheering them up while they’re dealing with a family crisis. As long as an ENFJ knows their boo is content, and they feel loved in return, their relationships easily thrive.

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Diligent and devoted, this personality type is a natural-born caregiver, and like ENFJs, is hyper-aware of and in tune with their partner’s emotions. But what makes them truly shine in relationships is their unparalleled listening skills. The ISFJ is also super loyal, and when they fall for someone, they’re dedicated to doing whatever it takes to make that partnership last.

Moreover, an ISFJ’s partner will never want for advice, encouragement, or emotional support — because they give all of these things freely and abundantly. The only thing an ISFJ needs to be careful about is avoiding confrontation. When they’re able to accept criticism, their love lives tend to be rich and fulfilling.


The consul is conscientious, compassionate, sensitive to their partner’s needs, and extremely reliable. They put a lot of energy and effort into their relationships, and to making sure their SO feels supported. Because they have a knack for anticipating their partner’s needs, they have a remarkable ability to be nurturing. As such, the one thing ESFJs need to be careful of is letting their people-pleasing ways take over — and giving too much to their relationships without getting enough in return.

At the core, an ESFJ is a romantic with a somewhat old-school mindset when it comes to dating. But that means that once they commit, they’re all in. Not only do they take milestones seriously, but they’re also not afraid to define the relationship or discuss future plans. Since the ESFJ’s boo is likely to feel appreciated at all times, it’s easy for this personality type to maintain happy relationships.

Are you guaranteed to have a spectacular love life if you’re one of these Myers-Briggs types? Not necessarily. Still, these types do include certain traits that can prove immensely beneficial in the realm of dating. So, don’t be surprised if your bountiful love life sparks a little envy from others — you can’t help it, OK? It’s just in your personality.