4 New Year's Countdown Clocks To Use Since Watching The Ball Drop Is Overrated

by Karen Ruffini

Can you believe that we can finally say goodbye to the garbage year 2017 so very soon, and ring in a new year that is teeming with possibilities? You guys, who knows what 2018 could bring? Maybe world peace? Kylie Jenner joining Khloé by confirming her pregnancy? A surprise album drop from Taylor Swift? Who knows, but the fact that there's hope is the most important thing here, folks. But before we say "BOY, BYE" to 2017, we have to have that little event called New Year's Eve. And you know what that means? Sparkly dresses, champagne, and the ever-important countdown to New Year's Day. Sure, you can tune in to watch the ball drop in New York City with Ryan Seacrest... but if you feel like ~going against the norm~ might I suggest something a bit different this year? These four New Year's Countdown Clocks will have you ringing in the New Year in a unique way – maybe not as unique as perfectly timing your favorite song for when the clock strikes midnight, but hey, we can't all be creative geniuses, so don't beat yourself up too hard for not thinking of that idea sooner.

So, instead of getting a severe case of FOMO while watching the millions of people happily crammed into Time Square while you're in your best friend's basement apartment drinking champs out of a plastic cup, why not make your own tradition? Sit down on that Ikea couch, pull up a laptop, and check out one of the countdowns below.

You'll love the idea so much, you and your crew will be like, "Ryan Seacrest who?"

(Just kidding, you'll still know who Ryan Seacrest is.)

Without further adieu, may I present you the very best New Year's countdown clocks that the internet could ever offer:

1. The Netlfix-approved countdown clock:

We're starting things off on a high note here, with a countdown brought to you by the company that turned their name into an actual verb. While the video above isn't technically the countdown itself, it is a compilation of all of the on-demand countdowns that Netflix will be streaming starting Dec. 26. The video says it best, saying "No matter where you are or what you watch, there's a countdown for you." While it seems like these countdowns are definitely aimed at kids, let's be real: Nobody is going to judge you for watching one of Netflix's New Year's Eve choices.

So, if this sounds like it could be totally your thing, you might want to consider checking out the countdowns offered, because nothing says ringing in the new year quite like a PG-version of "Netflix and chill."

2. The no-frills countdown clock:

Are you the kind of person that just wants to get in, get out, and be done with it? I get it, and so does this countdown. Starting off with 10 seconds until New Years, this video will give you a simple countdown until the clock strikes midnight, followed by a solid minute-and-a-half's worth of fireworks. Is it as memorable as the Las Vegas Strip's firework show? Well, no. But it's not a bad runner-up if your wallet can't afford a plane ticket, so I guess take what you can get?

3. The old-school countdown clock:

Are you going to a Gatsby-themed New Year's Eve party? If so, this might be the perfect countdown clock for you. An analog-style clock will countdown one minute to midnight for you and your party, where, upon the clock striking midnight, fireworks and ~digital stars~ will rain down from your screen. Classic. Timeless. And, most importantly, free.

4. The "little bit of everything" countdown clock:

If you're the kind of person who asks for butter on one side of your bagel and cream cheese on the other side because decisions are hard, then this countdown is best suited for you because, honey, this thing is all over the damn place. Do you want inspirational quotes? What about picturesque city skylines? How about a numerical countdown in a glittery, gold font? Check, check, and check! Sure, the animation might be a little scattered, but were you really going to start your year off organized, anyway?

Yeah. Didn't think so.

Happy New Years, friends!