The best Myers-Briggs personality types to date if you’re shy have empathy and are able to pick up o...
4 Personality Types To Date If You’re Shy & So OK With It


It’s not that you despise socializing, lack people skills, or struggle connecting with others — you’re just shy AF, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Maybe you simply feel a bit timid when you’re interacting with new people, and it takes a little time for you to warm up to them. Regardless, being shy doesn’t have to translate to dating challenges, provided you seek out the right people. The best Myers-Briggs personality types to date if you’re shy are able to empathize with your nature while also providing some balance in the relationship.

But which types are best suited to your shy nature? There's one clarification worth making: It’s a major misconception that Introverts are always shy and Extroverts are not. Introverts may need some alone time to recharge (whereas Extroverts feel energized around other people), but that doesn’t mean they’re antisocial — they’re just selectively social. It’s totally possible for an Extrovert person to be shy, and enjoy being around others but struggle to strike up convos, just as it’s possible for a non-shy Introvert to easily chat with new people but need to limit their social time so they don’t feel drained. That is to say, the best personality types to date if you’re shy can be Introverted or Extroverted. What ultimately matters most is how well they can understand, accept, and adapt to your shyness.

Your shyness is a special and significant component of who you are, and the right partner will not only get that, but appreciate it. Luckily, that's precisely what you can expect from these particular personality types.


Here’s the thing about The Executive: They do love bringing people together and thrive in social situations, but just like someone shy, they tend to stick to places and people that are familiar to them (because they value stability and predictability). So, even if your ESTJ begs you to go to a get-together that you’re not pumped about, the good news is that you can bet it’s probably with people you already know, or in an environment you’ve been to before.

The Executive is super straightforward and expects the same from their partner, so the best way to approach any differences is to be as honest as possible. That means that if dreading the party they’re planning or networking event they’re trying to drag you to, it’s best to be totally up front with them. Their dedication combined with their excellent problem-solving skills allows them to collaborate with you on a solution, no matter what’s stressing you out.

It’s also worth noting that an ESTJ serves as a stellar sounding board, so when your shyness is causing any hurdles for you, don’t hesitate to hash it out with them.


If you’re the type of person who prefers when someone else leads, look no further than The Commander. This personality type was born to take charge, so they definitely don’t mind being the first one to text or call, make plans, and follow up after a date.

The ENTJ also loves a challenge, so if you feel like your shyness is holding you back, they’ll happily try to help you overcome those obstacles. But sensing your feelings may not be the ENTJ's strong suit, so just keep in mind that if you're feeling shy in a certain scenario, you may need to tell them outright.

One of The Commander’s most advantageous qualities is that they’re never afraid to go after what they want and deserve. And if you date this personality type, they’ll no doubt inspire you to do the same. Whether you need a little encouragement to ask for a raise, or some motivation to pursue a passion project, your ENTJ partner will not only be your cheerleader but will also lead by example, showing you how assertiveness can pay off.


The Adventurer is unique in that they’re both Introverted and somewhat reserved, as well as curious and socially adept do-ers. This unusual combination of traits makes them an excellent partner because not only can they relate to your shyness, but they can also potentially nudge you out of your comfort zone from time to time. Did I mention that they have a strong spontaneous streak? Their Perceiving preference means they like to seize the moment and take advantage of opportunities on a whim, and they just may inspire you to do the same, encouraging you to get out of your comfort zone and try new things.

Thanks to their Feeling preference, ISFPs have a deep sensitivity that allows them to feel compassion for others’ emotions. So, you’ll never have to worry that they won’t empathize with the struggles that sometimes come with being shy. It’s the best of both worlds: The ISFP can easily become the life of the party if they feel totally comfortable in their surroundings, but they can also understand if you need to hang back.

The only challenge with dating an ISFP is that voicing their feelings may not always come easily to them, so if that’s something that you have trouble with as well due to being shy, then it’s something you’ll both need to work on to ensure that issues don’t get swept under the rug. Fortunately, ISFPs are also extremely aware and perceptive, so they can usually pick up on your anxiety, hesitation, and other shyness-related difficulties without you even having to bring them up.


What makes The Protagonist such a phenomenal partner for shy people is that while they’re pretty outgoing, they’re also super in tune with your feelings, needs, moods, and concerns (thanks to their Intuitive preference). The ENFJ can instantly tell when you’re supposed to go out but you’re just not feeling it, and since they have razor-sharp communication skills, you can count on them to talk it out with you.

As Feelers through and through, the ENFJ genuinely cares about making sure you’re comfortable and happy, so if your shyness is getting in the way of those things, they’ll do whatever it takes to make sure you feel supported and at ease. Ultimately, this type just wants to help you to be the best version of yourself, and that doesn’t mean trying to change your shyness, but rather, finding ways to manage it and leverage it so that you can still achieve your goals.

Best of all, The Protagonist has a habit of continually monitoring the pulse of the relationship. That means you can count on them to check in with you and see how you’re doing, which is a huge relief if your shy nature sometimes prevents you from openly sharing your thoughts and feelings.