4 Dating Behaviors That Mean Someone Is Healing From Heartbreak, So Try To Be Patient

Unfortunately, there's still no magic pill that makes the process of getting over a broken heart any easier. And since many people in the dating pool are coming out of other relationships, it's important to know the dating behaviors that mean someone is healing from heartbreak. After all, fully recovering from a broken heart can a while, and many people still choose to actively date during this time. According to CEO and founder of heartbreak recovery app Mend Elle Huerta, there's no "right" amount of time for someone to wait before starting to date again.

"It's helpful to have time after a breakup to redefine a sense of self, outside of a relationship, and that timeframe varies for everyone," Huerta previously told Elite Daily. "There's no magic formula for knowing when [someone is fully] ready." So, as exciting as it can be to connect with someone new, if they've recently turned the page on another relationship you might notice some signs they're still reflecting on an ex and why things didn't work out. Although there's nothing inherently wrong with dating someone who's still healing from past relationship wounds, knowing this can help you both set realistic expectations for a new relationship.

1. They're triggered by memories of their ex.


"If someone recently ended a relationship, the person might be constantly reminded of good times together — or bad," sex and intimacy coach Irene Fehr previously told Elite Daily. "It might feel like everything is a trigger to some memory. They might bring it up or you might feel them drifting away and getting lost in the memory." It's important to realize that there's a difference between someone who's still healing and someone who's not over their ex. Fehr notes that this type of behavior could be a sign that they're still struggling to move on from a relationship.

2. They aren't ready to commit.

When it comes to dealing with heartbreak, everyone has a different way of coping. For some, dating casually is as much involvement as they can handle until they've fully recovered. So, if they've been honest about not wanting to rush into a serious relationship, it's important to respect their boundaries. On the other hand, if you're ready for something more serious, it's up to you to decide how long you're willing to wait for them.

3. They regularly talk about their ex or breakup.


It's normal for past relationships to come up in conversation now and then. However, when it becomes a regular occurrence, it could mean their ex is still at the forefront of their mind. "If they talk about their ex often, bring up their ex in conversation, or get emotional about their ex," they might still be attached to their ex, host of the breakup BOOST podcast, Trina Leckie previously told Elite Daily.

4. They still have mementos from past relationships

Deciding how to deal with the physical mementos of a relationship is a very personal choice. That said, if your partner still has relics from their past out in the open, they might still need time to fully cut the cord. Dating coach Diana Dorell noted the healthiest way to deal with things that remind you of an ex is to get rid of them.

Getting over a relationship that didn't work out is far from easy. If someone you're dating is still in the process of moving forward, patience is key. However, in the end, only you can decide whether you want to play an active role in their healing process, or if you prefer someone who's ready for the type of relationship you're looking for something serious.