4 Bachelor Nation Costume Ideas That Will Get You A Rose This Halloween

ABC/Paul Hebert

Halloween is just around the corner and if you're a fan of ABC's juggernaut of a reality competition series that is The Bachelor and its subsequent spinoffs, you might be interested in a costume that shows you're a proud member of Bachelor Nation. Even if you're just a casual viewer who watches out of a conflicted love/hate relationship with the franchise, it's a solid concept for a holiday that's all about escaping reality and dressing up like something you're not. Bachelor Nation costume ideas can be done solo, but they're also really great for a group. And they're pretty easy. You'll be all decked out faster than one can say, "Will you accept this rose?"

The Bachelor is currently filming it's 22nd season. Let that sink in. And The Bachelor Winter Games is preparing for a February debut. In honor of the mind-boggling and ridiculous notion that is finding love in the never-ending reality TV age and all the addictive programming its spawned, why not walk in the heels of a contestant for one evening only? Here are a few ideas to get you started. It's not like you have to propose at the end of the night. Just pile on that mascara, because you know someone cries. Every. Single. Episode.

Bachelor/Bachelorette and Contestants

This is a group costume fit for the most dramatic rose ceremony in Bachelor history. All you need is a ballgown, a rose (if you're lucky), a terrified expression on your face, and the right reasons. If it's impossible to dig up your old prom dress or you don't have a gown that says "I'm waiting for a friggin' flower so I can stay in televised game show that might eventually lead to actual marriage," there are some affordable fancy options out there. And you might actually wear them again. Both of the dress options below are under $35. The blue mermaid look is by THREESEASONS and the one-shouldered frock is from Sue&Joe. Both are available on Amazon.

All you need is a person in a suit to play the one handing out the roses. Of course, if you're switching roles and doing Bachelorette and suitors, the formula is reversed.

Memorable Limo Arrivals

Remember Chris Strandburg AKA "The Cupcake"? Or we could never forget the charming Alexis Waters, a Jersey girl with a serious love of dolphins. She actually wore a shark costume when she greeted Nick Viall on Season 21, but we're willing to let that slide because it's great.

You can get a similar shark costume on Amazon for around $60.

Remember how Matt wore a penguin costume when he met Rachel Lindsay?

Follow in his footsteps with this adorably comfy onesie from iNewbetter on Amazon, only $15.89.

Speaking of unforgettable introductions in Bachelor history... Amanda K. wore a giant rose on her head to get Ben Higgins' attention. She had a point. Roses are at the center of this entire show.

We don't know where she got that contraption, but this Secret Wishes Amazon costume dress ranges from around $28 - $70 and if you didn't make yourself clear enough, the Romanlin headband is just about $14.

You could even go as a gaggle of roses alongside someone dressed as a Bachelor, Bachelorette, or even Chris Harrison.

Chris Harrison

Ah, Chris Harrison. Perhaps the easiest costume of them all. It only takes a suit and a smile. Or you could wear this $6 mask from TheBoxBash, available on Etsy. Nice.

Actual Contestant Clothing Lines
Kaitlyn Bristowe on Twitter

Want to dress like a Bachelorette, literally? Kaitlyn Bristowe is just one alum who has gotten into the fashion game. She's previously teamed up with loungewear brand State of Grace for their KBxSOG collection. She's also worked with designer Chelcey Tate to design a variety of goodies.

Corinne Olympios is also launching her own clothing line, full of all the #TeamCorn merch you would ever need.

No matter which Bachelor Nation costume you choose, you'll probably have more fun than a dreaded two-on-one date. Enjoy. What a time to be alive.