38 Clever Boat Picture Captions For Instagram, Because You're Hanging Onto Summer


Hold on tight! The last waves of summer are coming with Labor Day weekend, and you're not ready to give up on the sunshine and salty air. You've started making some plans for the fall, but walking through pumpkin patches is just not the same as being barefoot on the deck of a boat. *Cue the slightly dramatic, but very understandable tears.* Don't let those melancholy feelings get the best of you, though. There are still some sweet moments and pink sunsets on the horizon. These clever boat picture captions for Instagram are perfect for girls like you, who are hanging onto the last bit of summer.

To your friends, you're like Ariel from The Little Mermaid — just maybe without the tail and seashell bra. You want to hang out with your humans and adventure to the bottom of the sea. It seems pretty rad down there, considering the fish sing and the crabs play the coral like a set of drums. You could imagine yourself hanging in a bathing suit all day, and channeling your inner princess from your very own version of paradise. (Has anyone seen my trident, or at least my iced tea?)

You'd probably make a deal with Ursula and give up your voice for an endless summer. For now, you and your girls will just head to the coast and cruise along the surf. One of these clever captions for your boat pictures will be a must, because you're holding onto all the good vibes and tides.


1. "Whatever floats your boat." — Unknown

2. "I like big boats and I cannot lie." — Unknown

3. "Take time to coast." — Unknown

4. "Good vibes happen on the tides." — Unknown

5. "Keepin' it reel." — Unknown

6. "Worry less, paddle more." — Unknown

7. "Giving in to the pier pressure." — Unknown

8. "My milkshake brings all the buoys to the yard." — Unknown

9. "Things are going quite swell." — Unknown

10. "This weekend was knot too bad." — Unknown

11. "Let's sail away into forever." — Unknown

12. "Some would say that I'm an aqua-holic." — Unknown

13. "Staying hydrated by always being on the sea." — Unknown

14. "Until further notice, assume that summer isn't oh-fish-ially over." — Unknown

15. "You can't be crabby when you're on a boat." — Unknown

16. "Hooked on that summer feeling." — Unknown

17. "Some grow roots, but I put down anchors far into the sea." — Unknown

18. "Be an anchor in a world of waves." — Unknown

19. "Thanks for making sure we don't sink." — Unknown

20. "See the line where the sky meets the sea? It calls me. And no one knows, how far it goes." – "How Far I'll Go" from Moana

21. "You keep me from getting lost at sea." — Unknown

22. "Forever in need of some vitamin sea." — Unknown

23. "I love you a yacht." — Unknown

24. "Let's just cruise and see where the waves go." — Unknown

25. "Where there's a wave, there's a way." — Unknown


26. "It's going to be a long time with no sea." — Unknown

27. "You, me and the sea." — Unknown

28. "Oh buoy, we're not ready for summer to be over, yet." — Unknown

29. "It's a long weekend hanging on a boat life." — Unknown

30. "Getting salty." — Unknown

31. "Escaping all that ordinary that's back on shore." — Unknown

32. "Life is better where it's wetter." — Unknown

33. "Messy buns and boat days." — Unknown

34. "Shopping is fun and all, but this is my favorite kind of sail." — Unknown

35. "Back that raft up." — Unknown

36. "Always take the sea-nic route." — Unknown

37. "Kayaking away from all of my worries." — Unknown

38. "Find your flow, and row, row, row." — Unknown

Before you sail away, please be sure to pick out at least one caption. You're bound to have a lack of service out in the middle of the ocean. But, when you come back to land (and let's be honest, reality), you'll want to be prepared. The next few months without sandy feet and summer love will go by, and soon enough, you'll be back on the boat.

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