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36 Virtual Friendsgiving Captions For Long-Distance BFFs Who Are Close At Heart

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Your besties may be far away for Friendsgiving this year, but that's not stopping you from enjoying the day in their company. Instead of sitting down at a table with a turkey and some cranberry sauce, you're simply opting to have a virtual event. These virtual Friendsgiving captions will be #necessary for the posts you make on Instagram after you catch up, play games, and brew apple cider cocktails over FaceTime or Zoom.

They're putting your feels about your friendships into words, and truly showing that distance has nothing on your crew. Even though being in different cities or having to be apart due to the ongoing pandemic isn't always ideal, you still talk on the regular. You watch your favorite television shows together, organize surprises on your birthdays, and remain a big part of each other's lives.

For that reason, planning a virtual Friendsgiving might have been super easy and straightforward. After sending a text like, "Let's hang out on Zoom with Thanksgiving food on Saturday at 2 p.m.," your plans were in place. Now, you're simply in prep mode, which means deciding on a few virtual Friendsgiving games to play — like a scavenger hunt or Thanksgiving-themed Bingo — during your gathering, and tracking down some recipes to make, too.

In the midst of your planning, be sure to jot down these IG captions for virtual Friendsgivings. They're made for BFFs who aren't close distance wise, but are always close in heart.

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1. "Friends are the family we choose."

2. "I love you from all the way over here."

3. "Send me a bite of your apple pie in the mail, please."

4. "Tuning into Friendsgiving from around the world."

5. "Thankful that we can be together one way or another."

6. "Eat, drink, and be thankful for your friends."

7. "Filling our lives with both thanks and giving."

8. "So, which Thanksgiving episode of 'New Girl' should we recreate?"

9. "Phew! Got to skip out on eating a not-so good English trifle this year."

10. "Food, friends, and a whole lot of WiFi."

11. "It seems like our last Friendsgiving was just yesterday."

12. "The yummiest Zoom meeting I've ever attended."

13. "Can someone pass me the mashed potatoes through the screen?"

14. "And the winner of the annual Friendsgiving games is..."

15. "This year, I'm extra thankful for technology and seeing your faces."

16. "Wish you could smell the Thanksgiving food in my house right now."

17. "You bring the wine, I'll bring the pumpkin pie."

18. "We decided to pumpkin spice things up for Friendsgiving."

19. "Sitting around the virtual table and saying thanks."

20. "This is the kind of Friendsgiving you stay up late for."

21. "Distance means so little when you love your friends so much."

22. "It's been the best day with my best friends."

23. "TBH, this Friendsgiving was pretty yam-azing."

24. "Would highly recommend taking a virtual baking class in the spirit of Friendsgiving."

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25. "I pecan't even express how lucky I am to have friends like these."

26. "A Friendsgiving that'll always give us pumpkin to talk about."

27. "The one where they had a virtual Friendsgiving."

28. "This Friendsgiving, we just knead to roll with the punches."

29. "I'm just here for the good company."

30. "See you guys next week for virtual happy hour!"

31. "It's called virtual Friendsgiving. Look it up."

32. "But first, let's take a virtual Friendsgiving selfie."

33. "Cheers from my crew to yours."

34. "A virtual hangout a day reminds you that your besties are never that far away."

35. "F is for friends who virtually hang out together."

36. "This is a whole new level of friendship goals."

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